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This week, REBORN enjoyed a visit from James and Hai of leading creative tech company Spinifex.

Spinifex specialise in audience engagement through the design and production of imaginative, interactive and immersive media experiences.

Their work can be described in one word ‘impressive‘ – extremely large scale productions spanning the globe and across four key areas, Cultural, Branding, Retail and Live Events.

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Oreo's strategy is to incorporate the physical product constantly throughout it's messaging

Oreo is enjoying an incredible amount of success using social media. The brand has 34 million Facebook fans and enjoys strong engagement with these users. Most importantly, the page receives a large number of content shares, the holy grail of Facebook content.

Oreo’s strategy is to incorporate the product often throughout it’s messaging. Such a strategy would be one of the leading factors in the pages success as it means that the product and message can be digested in an extremely quick fashion without the user having to spend much time searching for the meaning. Read More


We need to stop making generic ads and start making pieces of communication that tell interesting stories that entertain

Virgin Mobile have recently launched the final piece of their ‘Retrain Your Brain’ campaign in which the company claims to save you money by switching to their network.

The piece, named ‘Blinkwashing’ works by having a user view their video with an active webcam watching them. Read More


Like any piece of artwork, an illustration needs to entice the audience long enough to become engaged and invest their time to explore and appreciate the work

Everyone seems to be under the impression that if you can’t draw you can’t illustrate. This is in fact not true. If you breakdown the definition of what illustration is, you may be surprised. To put the definition of illustration in its simplest form, it goes something like this:

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When a vague brief from a client develops into an amazing piece of finished content, that is what I enjoy most about the role

Over his daily coffee, we sat down with REBORN’s UX/Senior Project Manager, Paulus to discuss his role at the agency, his career path and what keeps him inspired.

The Dutch mastermind describes his role at REBORN as being a facilitator of the entire digital production process, making sure all the pieces of the puzzle are kept in place whilst the many processes involved in building a digital product occur.

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Through a combination of technology and careful design, the audience enters an intriguing, minimal space filled with white light. On entrance, a sensory device triggers a mix of sounds accompanied by a series of dream like videos showing different Italian locations.

The word ‘Passage’ may have different meanings but in every sense it conjures imagination and intrigue. Whether it is the pathway to a loved one, a hallway with a thousand paintings, or the road to an unknown destination, the very meaning of the word takes you on a journey. Perhaps ‘Passage’ is something you can’t see; a feeling or an unforgettable experience etched in memory.

REBORN recently created ‘Passagio’, an innovative experiential project for Peroni which was launched at the Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on 22 August 2013 based on a brief to create an in-venue activation that could be executed across 4 different events. The objective was to drive consumer engagement and create awareness of Peroni’s sponsorship. Our challenge was to create a premium experience that generated a clear consumer takeaway: “Peroni is Italian style applied to beer”.

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Sometimes a business prefers a quirky genuine personality instead of a boring pen pusher

Some of the world’s most successful people started off at the bottom: Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, hell, even Kim Kardashian (if you get what I mean…).

I’m guessing you have drive, passion, charisma and all those other buzzwords employers ‘love’ to see. If you’re entering or looking for an internship in any industry, here are my tips to becoming successful.

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From print and TV to in-store experience, connecting at every touch point and giving consumers relevant information about the products in real time is how all beauty brands will be able to stand out

At REBORN we like to mix things up. It’s important that every department shares their thinking to help inspire and educate each other.

Today we took over a casual coffee catch up with Enrico Penzo (Creative Technologist, REBORN) and Samantha Martin (Client Services Director, REBORN) and asked them to share their opinions of beauty in digital and tell us how brands in Australia are missing the opportunity to truly connect with their customers.

This is what they had to say:

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After a pretty competitive pitch, we landed our first project in mid 2013 to devise and launch a competition for Lion’s Petit Miam on Facebook.

Everyone at REBORN is excited to welcome one of Australia’s leading beverage and food company’s Lion Drinks and Dairy, to its client portfolio.  Lion boasts a portfolio of some of Australia’s favourite market-leading brands spanning categories from dairy to alcohol.  This is without a doubt an exciting win for the REBORN Team. Just another way that we showcase how a boutique independent agency can make a big difference for large brands.

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The power of social media lies not in just giving you a space to create a new online identity, but rather a place to enhance your already existing real life identity

Apart from the obvious user experiences that make platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter unique (Twitter for micro-blogging, Instagram for images), there is a key difference, not immediately obvious to many that separates Facebook from the others.

Facebook want to mimic and enhance your real life. Read More