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It's the creative ways in which technology is adopted and deployed that make all the difference between a well crafted branding experience and just a simple, cheap thrill.

British Airways has introduced interactive billboard’s into London which identifies planes which are currently flying overhead.

The campaign named ‘Look Up’ features a young child pointing up towards the plane before revealing the flight number and destination the plane has travelled from or heading to.

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With almost 20% of global web traffic coming from mobile devices and an ever-increasing number of casual surfers with mere moments to spare, page performance has never been so important.

Websites that perform well will enjoy a much higher level of visitor engagement, retain more customers and expect a greater rate of conversion.

With almost 20% of global web traffic coming from mobile devices and an ever-increasing number of casual surfers with mere moments to spare, page performance has never been so important.

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Social platforms such as Facebook aren't as difficult to build into basic functioning websites as many would expect. And whilst today's Facebook features such as facial recognition tagging, niche advertising and post geo-targeting are becoming the expected norm, it's important to realise that it's not these wiz-bang gadgets that have driven their adoption or growth.

One aspect of the Facebook story, which seems to provide a jaw-dropping experience for many is the fact that the first version of the platform was built in a college dorm room and launched within a month of conception.

To many people who look at Facebook now, this seems an unbelievable feat, but when this fact is pointed out to those who understand computer programming, their jaw’s usually stay right where they are.

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Whilst the desire to remove yourself from the flow of information may be strong, Kevin Daum believes that 'your desire to learn should always outweigh your desire to be right'.

Kevin Daum’s article, ‘5 things that really smart people do’ should really strike a chord with the many of us who find the amount of information available today a little overwhelming.

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The take away message for most of us here at REBORN was the reminder that the value of a physical space in facilitating and nurturing creative growth should never be underestimated.

John O’Callaghan, founder and director of JOC Consulting dropped by recently to kick-start our week with some culture and creative thinking. With a background in Town Planning, John brought a modern twist to a traditional discipline and spoke to REBORN, about the importance of human behaviour, culture and liveability when it comes to creating engaging places.

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With the advent of the Google Glass Explorer Program, the wearable computer has introduced an entirely new debate about the ethics and etiquette of its use.

In April this year, I presented to the agency a brief look at how emerging trends were changing the current digital and mobile landscape. 8 months on and looking back on this, many of these trends have become the norm. In fact, it has become increasingly clear that society has further embraced their love of a mobile interactive culture in a multitude of ways. However, has this progression been a smooth one?

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Typhoon Haiyan

Here at REBORN we like to think that offering support to those in need is the perfect way for us to give thanks for being able to enjoy the everyday things that could so easily be taken for granted.

Every month at REBORN, we come together to support a cause, giving us an outlet to express our charitable desires.

This month, like many others across the world, we offered our support to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

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Not only do Sardinians live long vibrant lives, but they are also a little obsessed with olive based products.

To challenge Australian, New Zealand and American consumers to discover the health benefits of Comvita’s fresh picked Olive Leaf Extract, we created the ‘Super Antioxidant Challenge’.

Take the challenge! I challenge you.

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In a sentence, iBeacon acts like an indoor GPS location system for your phone

We’ve seen a lot of technologies over the years profess to be the next game changer for retail – from QR Codes to NFC, iBeacon is the latest technology to take the stage.

In a sentence, iBeacon acts like an indoor GPS location system for your phone – Referred to as an Indoor positioning system (IPS), it uses devices that are scattered around the physical location rather than satellites or mobile towers to tell your phone’s applications where it is.

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We have come a long way from the smoke signal. We now have the ability to communicate en masse or personally, to anyone in any corner of the globe through a vast array of means and channels. We have at our fingertips, one of the most powerful tools man has ever created - The Internet.

A relatively provocative statement, I know. A little heavy for what I hope won’t be a short tenure as a contributor to this blog. This subject, I think, needs to be addressed by the digital advertising and media industry if we are to progress and compete with the effectiveness of other forms of media in eliciting an emotional response from the consumer.

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