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As a creative agency, we wanted to find an area that reflected who we are and our plans for the future - Dave Easton

After 4 happy years in the convenient-but-hectic heart of Sydney, the team decided that we needed a fresh change and a swanky new space.

We scoured the cityscape, looking for a suitable area to replace the hustle and bustle with a more composed and free-flowing feel and quickly fell in love with the up-and coming creative precinct of our fair city, Chippendale. The location was perfect – only 5 minutes walk from Central Station. This tiny suburb is quickly becoming a creative cornerstone in Sydney’s already diverse layout.

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Alpine Replay uses your Apple or Andriod smartphones’ GPS to calculate stats about your day in order to give you ultimate bragging rights and put a new twist on social interaction up in the mountains.

There is no question that the advent of smartphones and mobile apps have played a massive role in shaping human interaction over the past years. The phrase “there’s an app for that” is an increasingly relevant articulation in this modern world of ours. Photos can be shared, blogs can reach millions of people instantly and even deals from local stores can be sent to nearby shoppers via the incredibly capable electronic devices we carry around each day.

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Regardless of the age of a child, Mums reliance on technology is increasingly dominated by their mobile devices.

REBORN have partnered with our client Lion Co and online mothers forum Mouths of Mums to uncover how brands can better use technology to connect with Mums in 2014.

Mums in Australia control a massive $132 billion dollars worth of spending, making them a consumer force to be reckoned with. To put this into perspective; If Mums were an industry they would be the largest single contributor to the GDP in Australia.

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It provides a level of personal and direct interaction that certainly was not possible before the rise of social media.

When we think of a send-off for Olympians, a fanfare-type gathering of public support for the athletes usually springs to mind. However, in this, the year of the XXII Winter Olympiad, Team USA has come up with a new type of send-off for their athletes heading to Sochi – a digital one.

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As more and more (mis)information and content spreads across the digital landscape, the role of the digital moderator will grow dramatically from providing simple functions such as removal of offensive comments to something much closer to the peer review standards practiced in academic circles.

It is not uncommon nor is it not horrifyingly cliche’ for a speech – celebrating another, to begin with a flattering quote taken from the Oxford Dictionary – ‘The Oxford Dictionary defines excellence as blah blah blah…’.

Well for sanity’s sake I’d like to mix it up slightly and begin this blog with a quote about the Oxford Dictionary.

So here we go….

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Music is an incredibly difficult product to describe for musically untrained individuals and the guys at Rumble are well skilled to provide the hand holding experience needed to reach the ideal end result.

This week REBORN was treated with a visit by Sound Designer Tone Aston (yes, that’s on his birth certificate) and Music Composer Johnny Green from Rumble Studios.

The guys at Rumble have composed, sound designed and mixed TV, radio, online and branded content for Australia’s and the world’s largest brands and agencies. They have been a part of D&AD, Cannes Lion, AWARD, CLIO Awards and London International award winning campaigns.

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