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Defining the extended narrative that you tell around your brand and products is a key factor in determining the long-term opportunities in continuing to iterate the way your brand is consistently projected through a transmedia story world


transmedia-story-tellingIt is widely accepted that the role of advertising is to generate salience for a brand, product or service and elicit a behavioural response of purchase intent, actual purchase or affinity/loyalty.

An increasingly digital and interconnected world has led to a new expectation from consumers around what constitutes a valuable brand experience. It has also led to brands searching for coherent ways to integrate their brands into an increasingly complex media and technology environment.

One of the experiences that consumers have started to value is transmedia storytelling. Transmedia storytelling is a technique of telling a single story across a range of different media platforms. However, compared with traditional cross-platform adaptations, transmedia storytelling requires the use of each additional media to enhance the underlying story by adding depth to the overall story and experience of the user. To date, only entertainment franchises have really been able to create viable transmedia properties. Some of these include blockbusters such as ‘Heroes’, ‘Lost’, and ‘The Dark Knight.’

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Nicky G

Their mission is to take Chippendale into the new era, the new economy and the new world

A few weeks back, we were lucky to have Nicky Ginsberg, Director of NG Art Gallery, partake in our Inspiring Sessions.

NG Art Gallery is based in a 19th century Gothic revival building tucked away in a secret alleyway in Chippendale. Nicky gave us an interesting account on how, as a curator, she soon saw the immense potential of this overlooked pocket of the inner city to become what she envisions as Sydney’s answer to New York’s Chelsea.

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