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a group of students at the University of Washington have designed a bracelet that monitors your alcohol and dehydration levels when you go out, and lets your friend know if you’ve had too much.

Let’s face it, whether you have a liver like Robert Downey Jr. (circa 1990s) or you’re just a plain straight light weight, we all have those nights where we go out and inevitably end up separated from our friends, possibly passed out on a couch, and extremely intoxicated.

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It is worth mentioning that invites are selling on EBay for $100

Paul Budnitz is 47 and owns a bicycle shop in Burlington Vermount. He is also the co-founder of Ello, a new social network that went viral last September. One might ask if this is another Facebook in the making? Well, apparently not. Ello has absolutely no Ads, no data mining and there never will be, says Todd Berger, also a partner.

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If there is one thing Back to the Future II taught us it’s that tying shoelaces is for suckers.

If there is one thing Back to the Future II taught us it’s that tying shoelaces is for suckers. In the 1989 cult film, Marty McFly travels to the year 2015 and gets to wear what has become the most sought after pair of sneakers in the history of footwear: the Nike Air Mags. Since the films release the sneakers have taken on an iconic status predominantly due to the fact that they featured self-tying power laces.

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Some have dubbed the forced download as “rock-and-roll dystopian junk mail”, whilst others have compared the album’s appearance to “waking up with a pimple"

How to remove U2’s new album from your iPhone/iPad…

By now we’re sure that most tech savvy individuals would have noticed the unexpected “gift” of U2’s new album, “Songs of Innocence“, on their respective iPhones, iPads and iTunes libraries.  The new album was forced onto our Apple devices via the iCloud in an attempt to fashion the largest album release of all time.

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