We all want to be in the movies, usually as an actor or a director, maybe even just as the cameraman! The glitz and glamour of Hollywood (or Bollywood!) is an enticing prospect. Most of us have dreamed of walking the red carpet to give that Oscars acceptance speech at least once.

This is what Airbnb were looking to tap into with their recent request to make the world’s first Vine film. Airbnb tweeted their followers with film directions, asking them to capture these on Vine, a video sharing service.

Airbnb – Hollywood & Vines from B-Reel on Vimeo.

The best parts of these 6-second clips were stitched together to make a short film that was shown at the Sundance channel on the 12th of September. Pretty cool huh?

Ever since Vine was released (and the subsequent release of Instagram video) I have been amazed at some of the really creative uses. Although I rarely tend to find anything that exciting on my own feed, as with Facebook and Instagram, it is usually just Vines of cats or my friends’ babies. Leading back to my original point, we all want to be centre stage.

This is why the Airbnb campaign was so clever. By using crowd-sourced content and asking their followers to be creative, it gave the participants the feeling of being involved in a creative movement. It also gave the brand massive exposure, from people tweeting about the campaign to the media buzz surrounding the unique use of the new technology platform. All for a relatively low media outlay!

This also raises the bar for what can be achieved by just using a short form video platform. It shows that a brand can make something truly ground breaking just by thinking outside of the box (office).

As a famous movie quote once said, “Build it and they will come”. Our challenge as marketers is to make a campaign engaging enough for people to stay.

Matt Bowden is a Senior Account Manager at REBORN who likes movies and popcorn.