Oh how I love racing car games, particularly those that get your adrenalin pumping! One that did just that was a banner ad that launched a few weeks ago and one, I may add that was fabulously integrated!

Achtung, an agency in Amsterdam created this exceptionally smart campaign called ‘Bannerbahn’ for Volkswagon Golf GTI. The campaign connected paid banner media space with users in the physical world.

This gob-smacking concept involved a live car driven by a real driver! It raced across banner ads at 4 popular Dutch websites painted on a runway called ‘Airport Twente’. Users were then invited to join the car race and to catch the car with a single mouse click as it raced through the banner ads.

Now the best part was that the players actually got a chance to win the powerful, zippy, super fast Golf GTI!

Not being an avid fan of banner ads in general, I have to say that this one made me sit up and pay attention! It was superbly interactive and memorable. I’ll never forget the sheer intensity and the concentration, the beads of sweat forming, as I tried to catch the live driver in the real world on my laptop! Phew!!

Kudos to Achtung and Volkswagon for putting together such a superb piece! It not only got the audience to participate but also highlighted the unique features of the Golf GTI.

Coco Li is the Office and Resources Manager at REBORN.
She loves learning how to surf the subway and breathe fire into yoga poses.