The word ‘Passage’ may have different meanings but in every sense it conjures imagination and intrigue. Whether it is the pathway to a loved one, a hallway with a thousand paintings, or the road to an unknown destination, the very meaning of the word takes you on a journey. Perhaps ‘Passage’ is something you can’t see; a feeling or an unforgettable experience etched in memory.

REBORN recently created ‘Passagio’, an innovative experiential project for Peroni which was launched at the Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on 22 August 2013 based on a brief to create an in-venue activation that could be executed across 4 different events. The objective was to drive consumer engagement and create awareness of Peroni’s sponsorship. Our challenge was to create a premium experience that generated a clear consumer takeaway: “Peroni is Italian style applied to beer”.

The Concept

The installation transports the audience to Italy so they can experience the essence of Italian style. It was the objective of the installation to visually surprise and to delight the viewer by getting them to interact with the Peroni brand in an effortlessly styled environment.

We loved seeing this idea come to life, especially because it involved an interesting remix of existing technologies. This particular execution required several iterations and tweaks to create an immersive experience where technology played an important role without being overpowering. The biggest challenge was to create an inspiring environment where the users could see themselves projected into an Italian context.


The Project

Through a combination of technology and careful design, the audience enters an intriguing, minimal space filled with white light. On entrance, a sensory device triggers a mix of sounds accompanied by a series of dream like videos showing different Italian locations.

A hacked LCD screen is used to create a video wall in which the images are not visible to the naked eye. Instead, the video can only be seen though the custom designed mirror which is combined with polarised film. This video playback adds an element of surprise and uses a simple mirror to create an immersive environment around the subject.

Working with local suppliers, the design and build of the installation was a careful balance of labour, materials and technology. Due to the fact that the installation would be used across multiple events in different locations around both Australia and the world, the activation was designed to be easily constructed and transported between events in the most compact and sustainable way.

The Outcome

The Peroni team have now included the ‘Passaggio’ video to their Global Toolkit.

REBORN also received some great news that the second installation of ‘Passagio’ at the Lavazza Italian Film Festival in October 2013 was a big hit! Nearly 800 people attended on opening night and were raving about the installation.