Some of the world’s most successful people started off at the bottom: Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, hell, even Kim Kardashian (if you get what I mean…).

I’m guessing you have drive, passion, charisma and all those other buzzwords employers ‘love’ to see. If you’re entering or looking for an internship in any industry, here are my tips to becoming successful.


1. Search
If you’re looking for a start-off job in a professional industry – go out and find it. Sometimes it can be really difficult. Stick with it! Emails, phone-calls, walk-ins, post letters, network! Sell yourself! That’s how Kim made it. You’ve got to get out there.

2. Be Creative
Sometimes a business prefers a quirky genuine personality instead of a boring pen pusher. You may not be the most experienced, or the most qualified – but presenting yourself as different in a good way can be very beneficial.

3. Give Them What They Want
If you’re asked to bring chocolates to your first interview, bring chocolates to your first interview. If they want you to get coffee, get coffee! Sweep the floor, fix the printer, answer the phone – help out as best you can and try your genuine best.

4. Go Out Of Your Way To Learn
Use your skills, work hard and stick with it. Got a problem? Google it. Still need help? YouTube it. If you have a question, ask it. Be proactive because sometimes you might find yourself relatively free. This is a great time to study what you’re learning or practise tasks.

5. Be Inspired
Meet your co-workers, build friendships and talk to experienced professionals. If you can, find a mentor and let them guide you. Networking is very important. It’s not what you know, but who you know. Find motivation in the people around you to become better at what you do.

6. Work Hard
Pretty obvious but hard work often pays off. You’ve got to prove yourself in order to move forward with your career. Impress people with your work ethic and you will be given more responsibilities. Make an effort to complete tasks on time, on target and to the best of your ability.

7. Just Keep Going
Sometimes your patience and integrity will be tested. Don’t let that get you down. Be patient, continue to work hard and success will eventually proceed. It may not be now, or tomorrow –but one day you could be at the top.

Matthew de la Vega is a ‘Panda’ and a Content Co-Ordinator at REBORN.