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Spinifex specialise in audience engagement through the design and production of imaginative, interactive and immersive media experiences.

Their work can be described in one word ‘impressive‘ – extremely large scale productions spanning the globe and across four key areas, Cultural, Branding, Retail and Live Events.

What immediately impressed me (and I’m sure most of my colleagues) was the relaxed nature of both James and Hai. For people involved in such complex and stressful work, it was quite a surprise to find that they were so laid-back and approachable.

Spinifex cite the focus on actual audience reaction as opposed to just production as a key to their success. In other words – nothing gives you a better sense of what works or what will work than by simply being at an event, seeing and feeling audience reaction.

With 30 years in the business, Spinifex have quite a showreel. Take a look at their work below and I’m sure you’ll agree – impressive.

Showreel 2012 from Spinifex Group on Vimeo.