At REBORN we like to mix things up. It’s important that every department shares their thinking to help inspire and educate each other.

Today we took over a casual coffee catch up with Enrico Penzo (Creative Technologist, REBORN) and Samantha Martin (Client Services Director, REBORN) and asked them to share their opinions of beauty in digital and tell us how brands in Australia are missing the opportunity to truly connect with their customers.

This is what they had to say:

Samantha Martin, Client Services Director
“Customers need inspiration, education and above all convenience”

The opportunity to truly connect with the customer at every touch point is being missed with every beauty brand. Brands have merely touched the surface of opportunity. The world has changed and is changing, and how audiences consume brands and product information needs to be redefined.

Gone are the days when flashy billboards and beautiful model shots are enough to market beauty products. Customers need inspiration, education and above all convenience. From print and TV to in-store experience, connecting at every touch point and giving consumers relevant information about the products in real time is how all beauty brands will be able to stand out.

Now more than ever, all organisations need to think digital when it comes to the way they connect with their target audiences who are constantly connected and interacting with others via various digital devices. Marketers need to integrate their offerings into an increasingly digital playing field, which enhances the physical world rather than providing an alternative to it, continuously exploring new ways of communicating with their customers. If they were to put this digital-physical integration thinking into their own digital strategies, it would help their marketing evolve exponentially and move them into uncharted territory.


EnricoEnrico Penzo, Creative Technologist
“Art meets technology, creativity meets science and ideas meet experiences”

The beauty space opens up so much opportunity for brands to start conversations with their customer. Women crave inspiration especially when it comes to beauty and fashion. Whether it’s a ‘How to guide to smokey eyes’ or ’15 ways to use this colour palette’, we can now ensure the customer service goes beyond counter as well as giving beauty advisors content as a tool that can help demonstrate product benefits. With the introduction of NFC on mobile phones, it only takes a simple tap and customers can watch contextually relevant recommendations from adverts, check-in to unlock personalised offers based on their location or weather, and tips based on their purchase history. Digital can enhance the experience by allowing customers to interact at counter through interactive storefronts and touch screens, which allows the customer to feel empowered and in control, to explore the range, spend more time at counter level and educate at point of purchase.

Beyond that, social has become the most powerful form of advertising in this day and age, with women taking recommendations above brand promise. Every beauty brand needs to have a clearly defined social media approach in place.

Innovation and unique in-store experiences will ensure customers have a long lasting memorable experience with a brand. We need to recognise the importance of standing out against competitors especially when your customer can easily be distracted by another more engaging counter experience on the shop floor. Marketing dollars are thrown away because you were not able to attract and engage against your neighbour’s rival counter.

Brands need to shift their focus and begin to invest in in-store experiences to ensure they stand out. So much effort these days still seems to be leaning towards traditional advertising, and brands have been slow to pick up on the opportunity digital gives them.

When you integrate digital into physical, it breaks the rules for the physical world. Marketers will need to put a concerted effort into removing obstacles they probably hadn’t even considered. My advice is not to approach this year’s marketing plan with last year’s ideas or the ones that may have once worked but have now lost their appeal.

Brands that don’t combine the two worlds will be dead in the water and will fail to resonate with consumers. We now have the tools to inspire, engage, educate, and above all connect brands with our target audience through ongoing conversations.

Today’s forward-thinking marketers realise that integration between the digital and physical worlds is not just the key to success; it’s the key to survival.