To challenge Australian, New Zealand and American consumers to discover the health benefits of Comvita’s fresh picked Olive Leaf Extract, we created the ‘Super Antioxidant Challenge’.

Take the challenge! I challenge you.

Ok but first what is it?

The inspiration behind the campaign was the Mediterranean diet and Sardinia.


Well Sardinia in the Mediterranean is a globally recognized Blue Zone – a place where people live longer than the norm.

Not only do they live long vibrant lives, but they are also a little obsessed with olive based products.

We already knew the Mediterranean diet has health benefits because of the high consumption of olive products, but these guys from Sardinia really put the proof into the olive pudding.

With this in mind, we recruited three eccentric Sardinian characters to share their love of olive products… Antonio a 92 year old avid mountain climber, Caterina a passionate salsa dancer and Maria a 45 year old mother of eight, goat shepherdess and olive leaf drinker.

Each of the ad’s highlighted the health benefits of Olive Leaf Extract through the lens of our vibrant Sardinians.

Consumers were then prompted to live like a Sardinian, embody some of the healthier characteristics of the world’s longest living people for a month through the Super Antioxidant Challenge.

How It Works

The Super Antioxidant Challenge delivers personalised emails from our three Sardinian characters.  Each character delivers you lifestyle tips derived from the vibrant Sardinian lifestyle.

Every day you are challenged to complete the daily challenges as well as taking a daily shot of Comvita’s Olive Leaf Extract.

Check out the ads below and also make sure you challenge yourself by taking the challenge.

Olive Leaf Extract is a POWERFUL  free-radical scavenger. Sounds cool right?

Not convinced yet?

Take the challenge here: