There is no question that the advent of smartphones and mobile apps have played a massive role in shaping human interaction over the past years. The phrase “there’s an app for that” is an increasingly relevant articulation in this modern world of ours. Photos can be shared, blogs can reach millions of people instantly and even deals from local stores can be sent to nearby shoppers via the incredibly capable electronic devices we carry around each day.

Everyone who has ever been skiing or snowboarding with friends knows how much fun a day on the mountain can be. And they also all have that one friend who loves to talk the talk, maybe a bit too much – bragging about tremendous speeds or a ridiculous amount of airtime. Recently, there has been an advent of new mobile apps for mountain-folk that allows them to separate the posers from the pros.

One such app, “Alpine Replay”, uses your Apple or Andriod smartphones’ GPS to calculate stats about your day in order to give you ultimate bragging rights and put a new twist on social interaction up in the mountains.

At the start of your session, you simply press play and the app does the rest. Once you indicate that you have finished, Alpine Replay then creates a “session sheet” which contains statistics such as the number of runs, maximum and sustained speeds, vertical drop, distance covered, amount of jumps, airtime and even the amount of calories you have burned.

It links in with your email of Facebook account, allowing you to instantly compare your stats and interact with friends all around the world (yes, even on different mountains). There are daily leader boards within your friends or amongst other app users at the same ski resort.

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This allows you to do things such as see where you stand in relation to the fastest user on the mountain, or who had the most airtime that day. This level of accurate detail from other users adds a huge social aspect to the way you spend your day going down your favourite runs.

You can also shred pow and show off bling with medals that can be unlocked and added to your profile for certain achievements (even some you may not necessarily be proud of, such as the couch potato medal – unlocked by spending rest time above 35% of your session).

Even in the instance that your friend was on the mountain on a different day and you want to settle an argument about who would win a race – you can compete virtually with a retrospective 3D replay that is also available through the app. Crazy, I know.

You can find out more from, where the app is free to download. It is a wonderful example of the way digital advances continue to push the limits of what is possible in the ways we can interact with one another.