This week REBORN was treated with a visit by Sound Designer Tone Aston (yes, that’s on his birth certificate) and Music Composer Johnny Green from Rumble Studios.

The guys at Rumble have composed, sound designed and mixed TV, radio, online and branded content for Australia’s and the world’s largest brands and agencies. They have been a part of D&AD, Cannes Lion, AWARD, CLIO Awards and London International award winning campaigns.

After showing us an impressive show reel of their work, the guys were keen to discuss aspects of the sound design process with our team.

One question that is commonly asked of composers is how they begin their process. Johnny will usually receive a written or verbal brief, at times incorporating a reference tune, usually including final or close to final pictures. He then constructs a piece of music sympathetic to the overall feeling & energy of the spot.

There will usually be quite a few options for the client to choose from as music can be subjective. Down producing a piece of music can add a humble perspective on what could otherwise become ‘too polished’.. Instrumental pallets are also important.

Johnny’s skills also involve applying unique production techniques to commonly used instruments, moving them away from the ‘normal’ sonic realm. For example, placing a piano through a guitar amp with a little spring reverb gives you a hauntingly rich instrument from, what would otherwise be, a very commonly used instrument.

Further on the issue of the process, Tone is quick to point out the need for being able to sift through all of the ideas to find the gems, saying that many times, his persistence in seeking a better end result has produced some magical results.

To me, the key value that a studio such as Rumble provides lies in their staff’s ability to provide a translation between a brief and the resulting music. Music in an incredibly difficult product to describe for musically untrained individuals and the guys at Rumble are well skilled to provide the hand holding experience needed to reach the ideal end result.