New Beauty Hall at Arnotts

Digital is now part of everyday life and social almost an essential!

The beauty floor may look the same but consumer behaviour is changing! Digital is part of everyday life and there are now multiple opportunities to engage consumers prior to them making a purchase decision. The brands that connect with these consumers through multiple digital touch points will drive significant growth.

With the multitude of social platforms on the table, it is about finding the right channel mix for your brand.

Brands need to be ready to act on these new channels (when relevant), to ensure they continue to reach their ever-moving target audience. Snapchat may be the latest sensation for the younger demographic right now, but this love affair may soon be over and they’ll be onto the next big thing. With that said, it’s the brands that are nimble that will be successful in exploring these new channels and keeping on trend.

We know that video content is key for beauty brands, giving consumers the ability to learn about a product’s features, tips on application or the latest trends in the comfort of their own home or while they are on the go. Additionally, it gives brands the opportunity to build a strong online community of advocates and according to McKinsey, word of mouth is the primary factor in 20-50% of all purchasing decisions.

It’s choosing the right platform for video content that is a contributing factor to a brands success. In 2014, brands needs to think beyond Facebook and YouTube and embrace platforms such as Instagram, Vine and Snapchat, which allow brands to give consumers bite-sized content.

The important thing to note is that regardless of the channel, like any marketing activity, what works best is telling a consistent brand story.

Ultimately, it is about ensuring that content is localised and sustainable, that channels are working effectively together and there is a continual process of evaluation for emerging platforms.