Nicky G

A few weeks back, we were lucky to have Nicky Ginsberg, Director of NG Art Gallery, partake in our Inspiring Sessions.

NG Art Gallery is based in a 19th century Gothic revival building tucked away in a secret alleyway in Chippendale. Nicky gave us an interesting account on how, as a curator, she soon saw the immense potential of this overlooked pocket of the inner city to become what she envisions as Sydney’s answer to New York’s Chelsea.

Sensing that the co-ordination of creative talent and business in the area could deliver her vision, she founded the not-for-profit Chippendale Creative Precinct (CCP) in 2010, to promote Chippendale as a creative cluster and cultural hub.

The CCP since cemented the dynamism of Chippendale’s creative talent through the founding of two annual community events: the BEAMS Arts Festival and the Chippendale New World Art Prize, alongside regular networking events and other initiatives.

Their mission is to take Chippendale into the new era, the new economy and the new world. They plan to do so through initiatives designed to enhance the synergy of the local creative community, as well as generating economic growth and providing inspiration through the arts in an urban environment.

As a suburb familiar to many, and having frequented ‘Chippo’ for the last 15 years, I amongst several I’m sure would have noticed the transformation of this derelict inner city industrial zone into an internationally renowned arts destination – A place where local businesses and artists connect for creative and economic growth, ultimately exposing themselves to a larger local and international audience.

We leave you with this brief video on the BEAMS Arts Festival founded by the CCP, an annual community event and one that celebrates the creative precinct that is Chippendale. Enjoy!