It is said that the makers movement is set to transform the future, acting as a catalyst for innovation. The movement is a sub culture of people mixing technology and handmade. Collaborative makers spaces are popping up across the globe, allowing masters of minds to engage in experimental play, where they are realising unique concepts. We are starting to see this movement locally with our very own Enrico Penzo and David Londono holding the first meeting of the eastern suburbs makers only a few weeks ago – You can check out the preso here – The Makers Movement

The makers space

The collaborative culture of a makers space brings a broad range of people together – technologists, engineers, graphic designers, craftspeople and more. When these people are given the tools and the space to play, anything can happen! Makers spaces provide opportunities for networking and collaborating on projects, often giving access to a wide range of tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers and CAD software, usually exorbitantly expensive to purchase. Skills are shared amongst the community, offering both formal and informal learning, training and support.

Eastern suburbs makers in Sydney

The eastern suburbs makers connect and provide infrastructure and collaboration opportunities for people interested in programming, hardware hacking, physics, woodworking, cooking, photography, sewing, robotics, all kinds of art, and of course, technology.

Through talks, workshops, and projects, they encourage knowledge exchange, learning, and mentoring. Their final goal is to meet like-minded people interested about the global makers movement and willing to reconnect with the physical world through their own hands.

So the stage has been set. What can we expect? Well, the unexpected!

And on that note, here’s a vibrant video about a playground for creativity called TechShop, San Francisco, USA