If you are fashion savvy or even slightly fashion conscious, then there is a good chance that ‘Men in this town’, a men’s fashion journal blog will spring to mind!


Created by Giuseppe Santamaria, a talented Sydneysider and formerly from Toronto, ‘Men in this town’ captures an array of stylish men in their natural surroundings from jet setting cities across the globe.

Here, one will find the everyday trendsetter or just someone stepping out into the world going about business, oblivious to the camera and lost in thought.

Giuseppe’s journey takes us from London to Tokyo, and from Sydney to New York capturing some interesting characters, fusing the old with the new and the traditional with the conventional.

Earlier this month, the online journal was extended into a coffee-table style hardcover book with an exciting launch held at none other than Harrolds, the luxury menswear retailer in Sydney.

On inspection, we find that Giuseppe’s ‘Men in this town’ hardcover edition is inspiring and entertaining and will interest many, whether you are a photography buff or simply house a penchant for some cool, casual and street smart menswear!