The hotel industry did not start AirBnB. The rental car industry did not start Zipcar or Car2Go. The taxi industry certainly did not start Uber. These industries are being disrupted and others are sure to follow suit. The question is, who will be next?

A couple of weeks back, we were searching for a courier service and came across a flyer promoting a new service. We checked it out, and boy were we impressed!

On closer inspection, we found a new breed of couriers called ‘lifestyle couriers’ who are revolutionizing delivery service across Sydney. Here, we have members of the public – Couriers who are willing to use their BMW, bicycle, or backpack to deliver items in their spare time, effectively acting as casual labour for a start up called Zipments.

We felt that we had found an interesting story on innovation and entrepreneurship, and who better to tell it than Jamess, the business owner of Zipments himself who we soon invited in to speak at one of our REBORN.Inspires sessions.

Originating in New York in 2010, Zipments took advantage of the shared economy and technology back then. Today, it improves the way things get from A to B in an industry that will look nothing like it currently does in the next few years. It runs on an advanced new platform to replace the now outdated logistics status quo and is focused on transparency, convenience and flexibility. This means choosing how you want your parcel delivered – on truck, car, bicycle or on foot. It also means putting a face to your real-time track and trace. Yes!

As soon as you book a delivery through their website or mobile app, you receive your assigned courier’s profile including a photo, professional background (foot-soldier extraordinaire?) and performance history (teleport timing?). And while they might not exactly channel Max, Jessica Alba’s bicycle courier character in the Dark Angel television series, you can contact them directly without going through dispatchers or service reps! Better still, they offer same day delivery prices comparable to a standard 2-3 day service.

We thank Forrest for bringing this logistics revolution to Australia, and while we can vaguely remember Pythagoras’s theorem, we’re happy to leave points A and B and the distance in between to this very worthwhile new player in the courier game.

This CTV interview with the Zipments crew in Vancouver, Canada, is a good insight into how this ground breaking new courier service operates