Expensify is an expense reporting app for the iPhone, iPad and Android for the business traveller, the sales person or anyone else that has to deal with the dreaded prospect of expense reporting.

Every purchase an individual makes these days is electronic, often at times it is converted into a paper receipt, then it’s got to be put into a spreadsheet, then it’s printed out again, and then put into the computer once more by a manager to reimburse the individual for the expense. Expensify aims to change all that. No need to keep all your receipts in your shoe-box, all you need is to take a photo of your receipt and the Expensify smart scan feature does all the data entry for you, a truly smart app that uses your phone’s technical features to simplify your life.

Another great feature is the milage calculator. Before driving you simply press start and press stop once you’ve arrived at your destination. Expensify uses your phone’s built in GPS to calculate the distance travelled, and automatically inputs it as an expense.

It is an all-together time-saver and the app’s simple and agreeable layout allows the user to learn very quickly what this powerful app can do.

Expensify is available for free at the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and at the Google Play Store for Android.