How to remove U2’s new album from your iPhone/iPad…

By now we’re sure that most tech savvy individuals would have noticed the unexpected “gift” of U2’s new album, “Songs of Innocence“, on their respective iPhones, iPads and iTunes libraries.  The new album was forced onto our Apple devices via the iCloud in an attempt to fashion the largest album release of all time.

Not surprisingly there has been considerable backlash in the wake of Apple’s apparent display of generosity and people have been quick to vent their frustration at having had a piece of virtual space that is supposed to be personal and private invaded.  Some have dubbed the forced download as “rock-and-roll dystopian junk mail”, whilst others have compared the album’s appearance to “waking up with a pimple”.

Searching for “U2 phone” on Twitter opens up a never-ending vortex of angry (albeit funny) tweets directed at both Apple and their Irish collaborators.  Here’s a personal favourite:

U2 tweet







Ultimately, this iCloud saga does have a silver lining.  Apple appears to have listened to the woes of consumers and have developed an official way to scrub the Irish super-group from your devices.  The process is relatively simple; just follow the directions outlined here.

A word for the wise, though,  if you do delete the album and then find yourself wanting to listen to it again be sure to download it from the iTunes Store before October 13th. The LP will remain free until that date so if you miss it you’re going to have to pay.