Let’s face it, whether you have a liver like Robert Downey Jr. (circa 1990s) or you’re just a plain straight light weight, we all have those nights where we go out and inevitably end up separated from our friends, possibly passed out on a couch, and extremely intoxicated.

For better or for worse, a group of students at the University of Washington have designed a bracelet that monitors your alcohol and dehydration levels when you go out, and lets your friend know if you’ve had too much.


The band works by connecting to a smartphone application, and monitors your alcohol intake as soon as you start drinking. Throughout the night it buzzes periodically, and if you squeeze the bracelet to respond, the app translates that as a sign that you are okay. However, if you don’t squeeze the bracelet the app sends a message to your friends via social media platforms advising them to come find you and make sure you’re alright.


The students behind the Vive Smart Bracelet were apparently inspired to make the product after they spoke with the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists (SARVA) at the University of Washington. Finding that many sexual perpetrators used alcohol as a kind of weapon, they sought to design a piece of technology that would intervene and protect someone when they are at their most vulnerable.

Obviously, anything that helps protect young people whilst their out on a night on the town is something we can all get behind. I do wonder, though, what kind of friend needs a buzzing bracelet on their arms to make sure they’re other friend is okay? Fuel for thought…

In any case, the team at REBORN look forward to seeing what happens next with the Vive Smart Bracelet!