NOTE: Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to embed the interactive version of this advertisement into the following blog, but you can experience it by clicking here.

The creative team and international powerhouses Wieden + Kenney have come up with a stunning interactive campaign for the newly released Honda Civic Type R. The advertisement, aptly titled “The Other Side”, shows off Honda’s wild side by allowing viewers to flip between two parallel high-adrenaline tales, each seamlessly mirroring each other.


The first depicts a father as he picks up his two daughters from school and drives them home to a surprise party. Amid dazzling camera work we watch as the father enjoys a relaxed and smooth ride in his elegant, environmentally friendly white Civic. There is something profoundly comforting about watching this version of the advertisement. The Honda glides through the streets on a hazy summer afternoon, complimenting the creamy white buildings and pastel green trees that surround it. And it ends on a celebratory note, with the family and a swarm of costumed kids jumping about and enjoying a child’s birthday. Essentially, it’s a classic car advertisement about safety, luxury and family nourishment.


The other side of the story, however, is very different. By holding down R on their keyboard, viewers learn about the father’s intriguing double life. This story takes place at night and unfolds in almost the exact same way as the previous set of events. Only this time the father is driving a sexy red Civic Type R and he’s not just a dad, he’s a highly skilled getaway driver hired by two burglars to help them out with a big heist. But what exactly are his motives? Is he a bad guy or a good guy? I’ll let you watch the video to find out.

Overall, it’s a beautifully crafted piece of work with some wonderful cinematography. In fact, watching the second story line you cannot help but be slightly reminded of the film Drive. The protagonist face is always half hidden in shadows and you’re constantly wondering, “Who is this guy?” and “What’s he thinking?” There’s also a great car chase scene where the father proves himself to be a force to be reckoned with. Well played, Honda and Wieden + Kenney, feel free to take a bow.