Goodbye Facebook Like-Gating

• Like-gating is used by brands to boost fan counts and “likes” on their respective FB pages. It involves forcing users to like a page in order to access content, contests, apps or rewards.
• Facebook’s new policy bans Like-gating.
• Pages have until November 5 to comply – after this any existing like gate will be disabled.
• Why? Facebook wants to ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them: “We want people to like Pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives.”

What’s Ello?

• The internet is abuzz over Ello – the latest free social network to be considered a potential threat to Facebook.
• Ello attracts a community of creative people: designers, artists, musicians and most likely the tattooed barista you get your coffee from every morning.
• It’s invite only; you can only become a member by being invited by another member OR requesting to become a member. (NOTE: Invites are in such hot demand, they are starting to be sold on ebay).
• Ello is ad-free, and it claims it won’t sell data about you to third parties. The philosophy is that whilst on Ello you are not a product to be bought and sold. You can even opt out of Google Analytics when visiting the site, which stops Google Analytics from using any data Ello may collect about you.
• It plans to make money from paid-add on features (i.e. multimedia commenting, a notification center, video integration etc.)

Embedded Instagram Photos Are Now Bigger

• Embedded Instagram photos will now be bigger, cleaner and narrower, with a bezel around the frame and a large ‘Follow’ button above the image.
• This means it’s easier for readers to follow the Instagram account of the embedded photo’s owner.
• The glossier images also make embedding photos more enticing for Publishers/ Webpages.

Why You Should Download the Slideshare iOS App

• Delivers a tailored feed of professional presentations based on your trusted network updates and likes, categories of information you care about, what’s popular in your network, and the editor’s pick.
• You can save presentations to be read when your offline.
• The app informs you when someone in your network uploads a new presentation.
• Ability to search, view and share over 15 million presentations ranging from technology to entertainment.

Instagram Advertisements

• As of last week, Australia became the third market to launch Instagram advertising.
• Note: The company is being very careful not to compromise user engagement. All ads have to be “creative” and “inspiring” and all have to undergo a global vetting process. In order to get your advertisement on the application it must first be approved by Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom.
• Instagram has the power to put ads right under the noses of users in a non-intrusive way. Ad’s look like regular posts without a pop up, side bar or flashing gif in sight. There will also be an option for users to hide adds they don’t like and leave feedback as to what they didn’t like about it.
• Instagram also has access to Facebook data which mean brands will be able to target ads to gender, age and location in the same way Facebook can.
• Prices for ad spots haven’t been disclosed yet.

Twitter Advertisements

• Twitter has also announced that ad spots will now be available to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Australia.
• The potential for growing brand awareness and driving direct response actions are huge. A recent internal study of Australian twitter users found that 70% of survey respondents feel better about an SMB after following them and reading their tweets.
• The survey also found this increased brand awareness to directly impact business with 62% of respondents confirming that they had purchased something from an SMB because of Twitter.
• If you are an SMB and would like to post ads on Twitter you can sign-up here.