On Nov 26, work-and-learn space General Assembly and online news platform Mashable wrangled 25 digital cowboys (and girls) to share their wisdom on technology, design, digital trends and the future of work for Future of Digital: a festival of learning.


Enrico Penzo, our creative technologist was invited to share his insights with the audience. Here’s what he had to say

“The future of digital is not that digital.” Technology of the future will integrate seamlessly into the world around us so that we don’t draw lines between online/offline or think about things as technology.

Allow yourself and your company the freedom to fail. “Failure sucks but instructs”. It took 10,000 prototypes to make the first lightbulb.

If first came the industrial revolution, then the information revolution, we can expect the impending third revolution to be a coming together of the two where people harness tools like 3D printers to build the world around them.

Woodwork classes have largely phased out – And when they were commonplace in schools, they were thought of as the class where “basic” kids learnt basic skills to find basic jobs.

In the digital era, these spaces have been revitalised. They’re a space for creative thinking: the highest, most human skill. TechShop is one such “makerspace”. Like a gym, it has tools and equipment for you to hone your skills and make things.

“Maker” the documentary: