Social networking LIKE

Does your business have a Facebook page?  Well, if it does, you may have already seen a slight drop in the number of likes.

Facebook recently started removing likes that came from deactivated and memorialised accounts. The change is meant to “make audience data even more meaningful for business” and “ensure that data on Facebook is consistent and up to date,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Purging likes from closed accounts will give businesses more accurate insights on followers, Facebook said. Doing so draws a distinction between accounts that have merely liked the page and people who actively follow it. 

The change also helps businesses expand their reach by making it easier to find people who are similar to existing followers. It won’t just consider followers as a whole, but will instead focus on those who have an impact on the business’s presence online.

Additionally, Facebook has already removed likes and comments on individual posts that come from deactivated and memorialised accounts. The company said this was another measure that aims to deliver more consistent data for Facebook page owners.

Keep in mind that the likes that disappear from your Facebook page are those from already inactive accounts. The change doesn’t negatively affect your reach or activity on your page, other than lowering the number of indicated likes.

Facebook notes that although deactivated accounts are deleted from a page’s list of likes, they will be reinstated if the account is reactivated.

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