Get excited, because the American Egg Board just ordered up a side of bacon – Kevin Bacon, that is.

The board has enlisted the help of the “Footloose” star for a new online print and video ad campaign which playfully uses the A-lister’s last name. It’s the first time the poultry group has used a Hollywood celebrity as their brand ambassador and considering the recent surge in consumption thanks to the nation’s protein obsession, it could not have come at a better time!

The online spots feature a woman making scrambled eggs for breakfast, when she turns around to find the legendary actor lying suggestively on her kitchen table. What happens next is both strange and beautiful and will likely leave you grinning from ear to ear and craving a plate of bacon and eggs yourself.

“Did you know that eggs have six –“ Kevin begins to ask before being cut off by the woman in the advertisement: “Six degrees of separation! Right.”

“No,” Replies Bacon. “I was going to say six grams of high quality protein.”

Those of us aware of the game “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” which emerged in 1994 after Bacon boasted in an interview that he had worked with everyone in Hollywood, or worked with someone who worked with them, will immediately get the joke. It’s nice to see that the man doesn’t mind poking a bit of fun at himself.


The campaign, aptly titled “Wake up to Eggs with Bacon”, is the product of some clever work from Grey New York and it’s already getting a lot of attention from Bacon fans across the globe. In fact, watching the advertisement you can’t help but wonder why other celebrities with food-related last names aren’t jumping on the bandwagon – Halle Berry and Jon Ham, we’re looking at you!