BBDO New York have hit another homerun in their new campaign for the candy giant, Snickers. The clever new stunt entitled “#HungryMistakes” takes advantage of the various construction and design faults littered throughout New York City by placing a cheeky sticker next to them that playfully explains, “You make mistakes when you’re hungry.”


It’s an amusing addition to the brands lexicon of advertisements that poke fun at the failures that amount when we get hungry and a palpable example of how a simple idea, well executed, can have big reach without costing an exorbitant amount of money. Indeed, the guerrilla campaign has a pretty modest spend when you consider that it’s implementation required only a camera, a sticker and a bit of time. Furthermore, the success of the campaign on social media can’t be underestimated. BBDO have opened the game up to fans of the confectionery as well, encouraging them to post their own #hungrymistakes that they find around the city or make themselves.

However, whilst the response to the campaign has mostly been positive, there are some who have been quick to criticise the campaign for what they believe to be an illegal destruction of public and private property. Bucky Turco from Animal Magazine is one such person. Turco writes that the stunt was “certainly a clever way to point out some of the oddities around New York that are hidden in plain sight” but that it was “also illegal.” Kevin Ortiz, the spokesperson for the Metropolitan Transport Association, has concurred with Turco.  Ortiz wrote in a letter to Turco that BBDO had devised a “creative campaign” but that the result was “vandalism.”

When asked by Adweek if they would be willing to comment on these allegations, BBDO defended themselves, submitting the following statement:

“These were easy to peel off stickers that were only up for a short period of time in order to capture the images included with real people in front of real mistakes. The branded stickers were taken down shortly after.”

Whether or not the campaign will prove to be a big mistake is yet to be seen. For now it certainly seems to be tickling everyone’s taste buds.