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Purging likes from closed accounts will give businesses more accurate insights on followers

Does your business have a Facebook page?  Well, if it does, you may have already seen a slight drop in the number of likes.

Facebook recently started removing likes that came from deactivated and memorialised accounts. The change is meant to “make audience data even more meaningful for business” and “ensure that data on Facebook is consistent and up to date,” the company wrote in a blog post.

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The streaming radio space is only just starting it’s journey in Australia and there is room for different offerings tailored to different segments of the market to survive, basically because the streaming space is at the beginning of what we believe will be a steep growth curve

Pandora Internet Radio, our wonderful friends down the road share the same passion for music as we do. We’ve heard some great things – especially about how they give people music and comedy that they actually love anytime, anywhere, and through connected devices.

And so, we were indeed quite fortunate to witness a dynamic and energetic presentation by Jane Huxley, Pandora’s Managing Director, ANZ at one of our recent Monday morning sessions.

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Allow yourself and your company the freedom to fail. “Failure sucks but instructs”

On Nov 26, work-and-learn space General Assembly and online news platform Mashable wrangled 25 digital cowboys (and girls) to share their wisdom on technology, design, digital trends and the future of work for Future of Digital: a festival of learning.

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New Beauty Hall at Arnotts

Australia's leading beauty industry magazine, Esprit caught up with our Content Strategist Emmy to find out where she believes the beauty industry is positioned in the digital and beauty space… see what was featured!

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Regardless of the age of a child, Mums reliance on technology is increasingly dominated by their mobile devices.

REBORN have partnered with our client Lion Co and online mothers forum Mouths of Mums to uncover how brands can better use technology to connect with Mums in 2014.

Mums in Australia control a massive $132 billion dollars worth of spending, making them a consumer force to be reckoned with. To put this into perspective; If Mums were an industry they would be the largest single contributor to the GDP in Australia.

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As more and more (mis)information and content spreads across the digital landscape, the role of the digital moderator will grow dramatically from providing simple functions such as removal of offensive comments to something much closer to the peer review standards practiced in academic circles.

It is not uncommon nor is it not horrifyingly cliche’ for a speech – celebrating another, to begin with a flattering quote taken from the Oxford Dictionary – ‘The Oxford Dictionary defines excellence as blah blah blah…’.

Well for sanity’s sake I’d like to mix it up slightly and begin this blog with a quote about the Oxford Dictionary.

So here we go….

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Whilst the desire to remove yourself from the flow of information may be strong, Kevin Daum believes that 'your desire to learn should always outweigh your desire to be right'.

Kevin Daum’s article, ‘5 things that really smart people do’ should really strike a chord with the many of us who find the amount of information available today a little overwhelming.

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Sometimes a business prefers a quirky genuine personality instead of a boring pen pusher

Some of the world’s most successful people started off at the bottom: Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, hell, even Kim Kardashian (if you get what I mean…).

I’m guessing you have drive, passion, charisma and all those other buzzwords employers ‘love’ to see. If you’re entering or looking for an internship in any industry, here are my tips to becoming successful.

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Here people are definitely more laid back, they don’t mind going out barefoot in midwinter or wearing odd animal costumes under a burning sunshine!

Since I first arrived in Sydney I’ve been through a process of cultural osmosis, a reciprocal sharing of point of views, knowledge and behaviours.  This is particularly true for my time with REBORN.

From my position near the water cooler I see a lot of things going on: morning greetings, clients being welcomed, people stumbling up our stairs, the whole show.

I’m not just learning about Social Media Marketing, I’m learning how Aussies relate to each other and interact in their every day lives. I am really happy about that, and completely satisfied with the course of this experience.
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The way to touch and affect humans is to understand, inspire and play in their playgrounds

For many brands it is hard to break away from the global campaign direction that has been provided. In many cases Brand Managers are faced with ‘localising’ a suite of brand assets.

The problem is – we are a unique country, with different lives, outlooks, and different behaviours. Global messaging can easily get lost in the myriad of big brands with big promises. The way to touch and affect humans is to understand, inspire and play in their playgrounds. From story to tone, to placement.

Our digital world has opened up a creative explosion of touch points that can be used in many different ways, from utilities, to bite size content on counter to compelling product stories told by others; Each ‘type’ of content serves to strengthen the brand and products within it.

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