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Colgate. Brand Story.

A portfolio-wide partnership.

Where it all began

In 2009, REBORN was invited to create a campaign for Cuddly, one of the much-loved brands in the Colgate family. This turned out to be the first of many projects we would work on for Colgate, and the start of a solid and successful partnership.

What we’ve done since

In the last few years we have worked extensively across a whole range of products in the Colgate portfolio – from Oral Care (Colgate and Colgate WISP) to Personal Care (Palmolive NutraFruit) and Home Care (Cold Power, Sard, Spree, Dynamo, Fluffy). Our integrated campaigns have involved a variety of technologies and platforms, not to mention a heavy emphasis on digital strategy.

One major achievement so far has been the creation of Colgate’s ‘Healthy Teeth For Life’, the largest information hub of its kind to launch in Australia. This project involved a huge amount of content auditing and strategic planning, and helped cement Colgate as the authority in dental and oral care online.

The beauty of long term relationships like the one we share with Colgate is that we can make long term strategic plans, and see those plans brought to life. With our attention now shifting to content, CRM and email marketing, the future looks bright for Colgate and REBORN.

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