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Midori. Brand Story.

Winning friends and influencing people

Where it all began

REBORN was initially enlisted by Suntory Australia to develop a digital brand strategy for Midori’s 2011 summer party campaign. Due to the success of our work, we were then asked to handle the digital launch Midori’s new brand positioning ‘Midori best mixed with’.

What we’ve done since

By keeping thing fresh, fun and relevant, we’ve helped engage people, raise Midori’s profile and bring them back to the forefront of the liquor cabinet. Our job now is to keep nurturing and building on what the digital foundations we’ve created.

Midori website shown on iMac, iPad and iPhone. Yellow background featuring Midori green bottle.

Midori webpage sequence shown in three iPhones. Yellow background.

Midori Facebook Page. Yellow banner featuring model, comments and posts.

Midori contest on Facebook page shown on iMac