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Milo Valuable Players.

The insight

The MILO Valuable Players programme gives children the recognition they deserve for their everyday achievements. Through MVP, MILO is calling on mum’s, dad’s, coaches and teachers to share stories of children they know, that deserve recognition. Ultimately, celebrating everyday achievements to unlock kid’s dreams.

The execution

A destination (sub domain) at was created to showcase our children’s stories. Phase 1 of the campaign was supported through MILO’s cricket sponsorship and gives children the chance to win prizes for their entries, as well as download and print their MVP player card. Phase 2 of the MVP programme will extend association across a broad range of sports and give children the chance to be the face of MILO. Phase 2 will also include the addition of a national in-store program to encourage awareness and entries for the proposed 3 year initiative.

Wall of fam showing lots of chldren playing sports, call to action to visit the wall of fame

A childrens cricket tem, in Milo cricket colours, yellow and green, along with 3 Australian cricket players, James Faulkner, Michael Clarke and Holly Ferling

A picture of the Milo website ion a computer screen

A collage of images from the Milo wall of fame showing kids playing sport and in their sport uniforms