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Milo. Sport Is A Great Teacher, Mum Is A Great Coach.


MILO, is one of Australia’s most iconic products having been enjoyed by generations of Australians. Swamped with more dietary advice than ever before, the modern day mum faces a dilemma. How can she balance her love for MILO and its heritage as a source of energy for kids, and perception of the product as lacking sufficient nutritional goodness?


Relaunch the brand’s famous strap line ‘You’ve Gotta be Made of MILO’, while reigniting mum’s love for what MILO brings to the modern family unit.’


“Sport is a great teacher, mum is a great coach.”

With this idea, we really wanted to demonstrate that organised sport teaches kids plenty of life lessons, while at the same time heroing and thanking the parents of Australia for making it happen.

We embarked on the production of 2 unscripted video content pieces and 6 still images, casting 6 Australian families to tell their stories about what sport means to them and how their mum supports their sporting endeavours.


  • A 15% uplift in Digital Brand Awareness.
  • A 9% uplift in Brand Advocacy.
  • 5.5% uplift in Brand Attributes (based on product goodness and passion for the brand).
  • 250,000 video views.
  • 6,250 hours of one-on-one consumer interaction.
  • 5% increase in number of fans with no acquisition spend.
  • 18,000 comments, likes and shares (1,800,000 additional endorsed impressions through social sharing).
  • 3 x higher engagement amongst Women 25-54 years on MILO’s facebook page compared to pre campaign period.
  • Reached 56% of all Australian women 25-54 years

3 Milo Facebook posts showing a kids rugby team huddle, a boy shooting a basketball through a hoop and three boys smiling in their cricket uniform

Milo Facebook page shown on three iPhones

Two boys kissing their mum

A girl and a boy in a tight embrace with their mum