Why is a Full-Service Digital Creative Agency Important?


Explore the benefits of full-service digital creative agencies for diverse, effective marketing strategies that drive business growth.

The modern environment of a digital creative agency will help bring your brand to the 21st century

How does a business hire the right digital marketing agency in 2024?

Social media attracts many potential customers, with Facebook hosting 2.6 billion active users alone. 60% of mobile owners use Google’s search results to make a business contact.

Website and social media advertising are crucial to reach new audiences, but it doesn’t stop there. Customer relationship management and PPC marketing all require proper strategy and implementation. Many companies believe they need several agencies to manage each service. But do they?

This article examines how a full-service digital creative agency is the right choice to promote a business brand. We explain what a full-service agency is and what they do. The benefits of hiring a full-service web agency. And how working with a multi-talented marketing team can help target the right audience. 

Read on to discover the best way for businesses of any size to market themselves effectively online.

What is a Full-Service Digital Creative Agency?

Digital marketing encompasses all types of online promotion to drive sales.

From website advertising and pay-per-click marketing to managing social media, digital marketing covers many bases. Businesses can choose to handle promotion in-house, but most opt to hire a creative agency to do it for them.

Why? Because agencies offer:

  • Current market research
  • Project and campaign management
  • Data analysis
  • Automation and software development

Smaller businesses especially can’t afford to employ staff to do everything, so they hire experts who can. But then they run into the issue of who to use: a niche company or a full-service online marketing agency.

Person using a laptop in a digital agency

Niche Vs. Full-Service Digital Agencies

  • A niche agency specialises in one area only, like search engine optimisation or social media.
  • An SEO agency will concentrate on keyword selection, content optimisation, and backlinks to make a site raise Google’s results. But ask them to run an email marketing campaign, and they’ll pass the work on to another firm.
  • A full-service agency broadens that portfolio by offering a range of services under one roof.

Their staff has the experience and expertise to meet any digital marketing requirement. That includes strategy as well as implementation. Everything is handled through one team that plans and sequences the entire marketing stack. This leads to an integrated, holistic outcome; the client knows they have every base covered.

Case Study: Heinz – Beanz Meanz

REBORN revitalised the Heinz Beanz brand in Australia, focusing on its key pillars: taste, convenience, nutrition, and versatility. The campaign aimed to re-engage lapsed consumers and drive long-term sales using multi-channel strategies, including video vignettes, digital and social media, point-of-sale marketing, and out-of-home advertising.

Digital Creative Services

Digital marketing agency services cover a wide net.

We at REBORN categorise them into connections or how we reach our clients’ customers. And we recognise the importance of emotion and intelligence in the creative and marketing mix.

Case Study: Kraft Mac & Cheese – A Whole Lotta Yum

The challenge was to promote Kraft Mac & Cheese Wholemeal as a nutritious yet tasty option for Australian parents. The campaign highlighted the product’s high fiber content and iconic taste, employing a socially led strategy across Facebook, Instagram, and print media​​.

Build Emotional Connections

Group discussion

Building trust begins by connecting a brand emotionally to a potential customer.

The goal is to produce content that resonates with a person’s sense of self. Creating the correct stories and designs will influence behaviour when it truly connects.

That needs to show in every type of service offering, including:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Creative campaigns
  • Content and social media marketing

The team who births the idea should also produce it.

Their passion will drive the project forward instead of an external team taking control of the wheel. One wrong turn and the campaign can end far from its original vision.

Customers who see or hear the right marketing message will ultimately feel it.

Yet, to hone and funnel that emotion into business results takes constant evaluation and editing. And that requires intelligence.

Marketing Through Intelligence

Managing a great idea doesn’t stop when an advert or tweet is distributed online.

A good agency uses customer relationship management (CRM) tools to track a campaign’s effectiveness. The best agencies also listen to what customers want through data analytics.

Yet it takes a full-service provider to offer the likes of SEO and automated marketing as they’re required. No time is wasted handing off work to a third party.

For example, a full-service web agency can create new landing pages based on PPC data. They can build automated contact forms that channel requests in real-time. Those, in turn, tie in with the overall marketing strategy.

Full-service providers combine emotion with intelligence to reach customers. But what other benefits do they offer?

Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Digital Creative Agency

Below are three ways a full-service marketing agency can help businesses promote their brand online.

1. Multichannel Promotion

Agency team members each have a specialty in online promotion. Put them together on the same project, and every base gets covered.

This expansive approach guarantees a unified vision, too. And that’s essential when running several campaigns at once.

Comprehensive Strategy Development

Unified Brand Messaging

Ensures consistent brand voice and message across all digital platforms, enhancing brand recognition.

Tailored Campaigns

Develops customised marketing strategies that cater to the unique needs of each channel, maximising reach and engagement.

Expert Execution

Specialised Skills

Utilises the expertise of professionals skilled in SEO, social media, content marketing, and more, ensuring high-quality execution.

Innovative Solutions

Employs cutting-edge technologies and creative solutions to stay ahead of market trends and capture audience attention.

2. Reduce Costs

At a time when optimism about the economy is low due to the pandemic, hiring a digital creative agency can reduce costs.

There’s no payroll to worry about. No statutory sick days or having to update skills. A business only pays for the services they need.

Companies don’t waste time shopping for several services by choosing a full-service provider. That means less getting sidetracked on finding the right team and more focus on running the business.

Financial Efficiency

Streamlined Budget Management

Allocates marketing budgets more efficiently, eliminating the need for in-house team expansions and associated costs.

Scalable Services

Offers flexible services tailored to the company’s budget and needs, allowing for adjustments based on performance and ROI.

Time and Resource Savings

Focused Expertise

Saves time on recruiting and training, as the agency brings a team of experienced professionals ready to hit the ground running.

Integrated Services

Provides a one-stop solution for all digital marketing needs, reducing the time and effort required to coordinate with multiple vendors and service providers.

3. Consistent and Scalable

Hiring an agency that provides all services results in a consistent approach over time.

Nothing gets diluted. And as a company grows, the agency can scale with it because of its in-house talent pool.

If additional services are needed, the creative provider will add them to the team.

Case Study: Manicare – Get Your Glam On!

This campaign focused on changing the perception of false eyelashes in the beauty industry. It included a beauty-related social experiment and various marketing strategies, resulting in a 27% sales increase and an 8% increase in market share. The campaign utilised owned, earned, and paid media channels effectively​​.

A One-Stop-Shop Digital Creative Agency

A full-service digital creative agency hosts a wealth of talent within one core group.

Hiring a marketing team who can offer a range of services from strategy and design to hiring and analysing makes sense. When combined, their knowledge and expertise produce the best results at a quick pace.

REBORN is a global team of multi-disciplinary marketing professionals.

Our staff are passionate digital content creators, marketers, and storytellers. We focus on what makes customers human: their emotions and intellect.

Our strengths lie in our unified diversity. We offer strategic marketing campaigns along with performance media and social media advertising. Our customers know they have every base covered because our team can do everything.

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