Digital Media (Social, PPC, Programmatic) media (social, ppc, programmatic)

We have a strong understanding across each of the major social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube.

We develop successful and effective social media campaigns by using data and insights from each channel. Our social strategies work to establish engaged consumers and communities that are ever-growing and build your brand through user insight and community influence.

We pair the content we create with the latest Search Engine Marketing ( SEM) tactics in order to apply a clearly lead digital strategy and provide you with the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

With our analytics and paid media experience in reach and engagement metrics, we are able to implement and drive effective results through paid social.

Our Programmatic Advertising Strategy is rooted in data and analysis. We are continually updating our capacity of automated ad buying so that we are able to deliver not only efficient but also highly effective results.

We make your automated advertisement purchase power more effective by constantly reanalysing the data generated, in order to make smarter, more effective buys in the future.

Programmatic’s ever-growing technology allows us to get the exact message we want to the correct audience at the appropriate time.

We use the power of digital media to cut through the noise of modern life. 

Digital media is at the forefront of the human experience. Social platforms shape culture and drive action. Search engines focus attention and enable navigation. Online advertising offers unprecedented market access and relevance. REBORN combines innovative social strategies with creative search marketing for a complete digital media solution.

From digital images and videos to immersive time-lapse and 360 videos, we create engaging media content and deliver it effectively to maximise attention and impact. We implement a programmatic strategy across media channels, with deep analysis driving market insights, accelerating market reach, and ensuring relevance for maximum spending efficiency.

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Creative digital media solutions

Digital media is fresh, diverse, and exciting. At REBORN, we specialise in engaging digital images that tell a story. From beautiful photographic images to funny GIFs, from stylish videos to cutting-edge animation, we create digital content and place it across social media and search engines for maximum impact.

Social media

REBORN works with all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube. We understand the heart and soul of each platform and implement unique strategies that highlight the advantages of each channel. We offer insights into the social media experience and develop effective social campaigns tailored for each platform and business.

Social media represents an exciting opportunity for most brands to get up close and personal with their market. When the right media is combined with the perfect platform, you can find, engage, and motivate your market. Our social strategies build communities and drive action by targeting and engaging people on their own terms.

Search engines 

REBORN works with Google and other search engines to deliver innovative paid advertising campaigns. Search engine marketing (SEM) puts digital content front and centre based on targeted keywords and contextual intelligence. SEM provides a fantastic return on investment, with insight, analytics, and automation combining to create content and refine messaging over time.

Our programmatic strategy is rooted in data and analysis. We are continually updating our capacity and delivery protocols, with automated buying giving us the power to deliver highly effective results at minimum cost. As the most powerful example of targeted advertising, SEM offers unprecedented market relevance and reach.


What are digital media services?

Digital media includes rich images, inspiring videos, funny GIFs and all other visual content represented in digital format. We specialise in digital media, with our team involved with creating content and placing it carefully in the perfect social media platforms and search engines for maximum exposure.

What is the use of digital media?

Digital media is a powerful force in every aspect of modern life. From our social lives to our professional lives and beyond, digital images and content are used to communicate meaning and add value everywhere we go. Companies that embrace and leverage digital media are in a great place to influence behaviour and drive action.

Is digital media the same as social media?

Digital media and social media are distinct but related entities. Digital media includes images and video content, and social media describes the digital platforms used to transmit this content. While digital media often proliferates on social media, it can also be used for websites, search engine marketing, and internal corporate documents, among other applications.

How can I utilise digital media?

Digital media can be used in countless ways, with each business and industry sector having its own unique relationship to digital content. The vast majority of businesses utilise digital images and video content for their website and social media campaigns. It is also common to use digital media for blogs, internal training videos, press releases, industry conventions, and much more.

What makes your digital media services different?

REBORN is a digital media company with a twist. We provide a complete marketing and online advertising solution and have the expertise required to integrate multiple services for the best possible results. We believe in communication and collaboration to ensure authentic content creation and delivery. We apply technology with purpose to enhance efficiency and maximise savings.

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