The Universal Inbox

The Universal Inbox

Facebook has called it ‘The Evolution of Conversation’. From sharing photos with friends to voicing consumer enquiries, people worldwide now prefer chat apps over other forms of conversation.

With Facebook Pages receiving nearly 5 billion messages a month, Instagram debuting its own business tools, and Messenger moving forward with new customer-service bots; the world of apps (and efficiency in using them) has become ever more crucial to the world of business.

But this hasn’t come without its challenges.

Unable to toggle between multiple platforms on the one device, Social Media Managers have found themselves juggling multiple phones in order to respond to customers across all platforms.

To help with this, Facebook is launching its newest feature ‘The Universal Inbox’.

Built within the Facebook Page’s Manager app, The Universal Inbox will allow for a unified stream of all commentary,  from all three apps, as well as individual tabs to focus on individual channels. An additional feature allows page managers to tap a user’s profile and see their publicly available information, ultimately giving businesses greater visibility and insight into their customers.

In the words of Benji Shomair, Global Head of Pages at Facebook, The Universal Inbox promises to be ‘a relatively simple story where we are trying to save businesses time’.


Written by Ellis van der Wulp

Content & Community Manager at REBORN