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Support for new parents can come from a variety of sources, and  the parental landscape and the needs of parents are changing. Most of the current platforms or networking groups don’t take into account the cultural, societal and technological changes of today.

A long term partnership, we were engaged by Kiindred to incubate and develop the brand development, business strategy, marketing tech stack advisory services, mobile app design and development and go-to-market strategies to help launch the app and newly created e-learning product ‘The Kiindred Expert Series’.




Kiindred Brand and App Launch

the insight

There is a lack of easy-to-digest content that is accessible and specific to what you can expect daily from a newborn, baby or toddler, that is delivered in a simple enough way to articulate what to do.

Most platforms don’t take into account the cultural, societal and technological changes of today, and are certainly not aspirational to the modern day parent.

the idea

Create a parenting platform that delivers relevant and easy to digest content and tools, specific to developmental stage - for new modern day parents.

roll out



The Kiindred Expert Series

We developed an online course strategy and built the platform for the delivery of expert content targeting expecting and new parents.

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