A Snap Shot of Snap Specs

A Snap Shot of Snap Specs

When Instagram Stories launched early last month in a shameless copycat approach to Snapchat Stories, it was made clear that Snapchat’s next move would have to be a bold one.

How about a whole corporate shake up, name change and new product launch?

On Saturday the newly named Snap Inc, presented their first hardware product to the market, a pair of sunglasses called Spectacles. In true Snapchat style, what fun would a pair of sunglasses be if they didn’t have a built in 115-degree lens camera?

Here is your snap shot of Snap Inc’s latest product and what you need to know for around the water cooler this week.

What are they?

Spectacles are sunglasses, made with a built-in camera.

A button on the arm of the specs records 10-second, circular videos which simulate human vision and give a better user’s perspective.

How do they work?

The Spec’s link to the Snapchat App through Bluetooth and wifi and download into Snap Memories to post when ready.

When can I get them?

The Spectacles will be available later this year and will retail for $129.95USD, at such a low price, we imagine these will be the feature of many a Christmas stocking in 2016!

In WSJ we can see co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel wearing the Spectacles, shot by no less than the great fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. Snapchat, or should we say Snap Inc, sure knows how to make a comeback with style.

Instagram, what’s your next move?


Written by Madeleine J├Ânsson

Creative Intern at REBORN