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The board has enlisted the help of the “Footloose” star for a new online print and video ad campaign which playfully uses the A-lister’s last name.

Get excited, because the American Egg Board just ordered up a side of bacon – Kevin Bacon, that is.

The board has enlisted the help of the “Footloose” star for a new online print and video ad campaign which playfully uses the A-lister’s last name. It’s the first time the poultry group has used a Hollywood celebrity as their brand ambassador and considering the recent surge in consumption thanks to the nation’s protein obsession, it could not have come at a better time!

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Social networking LIKE

Purging likes from closed accounts will give businesses more accurate insights on followers

Does your business have a Facebook page?  Well, if it does, you may have already seen a slight drop in the number of likes.

Facebook recently started removing likes that came from deactivated and memorialised accounts. The change is meant to “make audience data even more meaningful for business” and “ensure that data on Facebook is consistent and up to date,” the company wrote in a blog post.

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the teaming up of the two companies is a natural extension of what is already happening in dating culture.

Listen up all you Casanovas out there because this year Starbucks and the dating site are serving up an extra shot of love. The companies have joined forces to make it easier for singles to connect over a cup of coffee this Valentines Day. Using Match’s mobile app aspiring romantics will be encouraged to click on a section called “Meet at Starbucks.” Users who click on this button can email one another and meet up at a nearby Starbucks. To celebrate the dating frenzy, the coffee chain’s menu will feature a few special coffee and pastry deals – for example, a raspberry mocha and coffee – for $5. So whoever ends up paying doesn’t have to worry about being out of pocket 😉

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As of last week, Australia became the third market to launch Instagram advertising

Goodbye Facebook Like-Gating

• Like-gating is used by brands to boost fan counts and “likes” on their respective FB pages. It involves forcing users to like a page in order to access content, contests, apps or rewards.
• Facebook’s new policy bans Like-gating.
• Pages have until November 5 to comply – after this any existing like gate will be disabled.
• Why? Facebook wants to ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them: “We want people to like Pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives.”

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a group of students at the University of Washington have designed a bracelet that monitors your alcohol and dehydration levels when you go out, and lets your friend know if you’ve had too much.

Let’s face it, whether you have a liver like Robert Downey Jr. (circa 1990s) or you’re just a plain straight light weight, we all have those nights where we go out and inevitably end up separated from our friends, possibly passed out on a couch, and extremely intoxicated.

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It is worth mentioning that invites are selling on EBay for $100

Paul Budnitz is 47 and owns a bicycle shop in Burlington Vermount. He is also the co-founder of Ello, a new social network that went viral last September. One might ask if this is another Facebook in the making? Well, apparently not. Ello has absolutely no Ads, no data mining and there never will be, says Todd Berger, also a partner.

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There are many varying ways to rank the success of a post, but these needs to be considered carefully

Engagement rate is the holy grail for any social media marketer and a brainteaser for many digital analysts.

Simply having a social media presence is not enough. All page admins want their content to be noticed, liked, commented and shared. Interactions are indeed vital to the self-esteem of every social media user, as well as key to the success of Pages.

So how do we measure the performance of our posts?

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Social platforms such as Facebook aren't as difficult to build into basic functioning websites as many would expect. And whilst today's Facebook features such as facial recognition tagging, niche advertising and post geo-targeting are becoming the expected norm, it's important to realise that it's not these wiz-bang gadgets that have driven their adoption or growth.

One aspect of the Facebook story, which seems to provide a jaw-dropping experience for many is the fact that the first version of the platform was built in a college dorm room and launched within a month of conception.

To many people who look at Facebook now, this seems an unbelievable feat, but when this fact is pointed out to those who understand computer programming, their jaw’s usually stay right where they are.

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Oreo's strategy is to incorporate the physical product constantly throughout it's messaging

Oreo is enjoying an incredible amount of success using social media. The brand has 34 million Facebook fans and enjoys strong engagement with these users. Most importantly, the page receives a large number of content shares, the holy grail of Facebook content.

Oreo’s strategy is to incorporate the product often throughout it’s messaging. Such a strategy would be one of the leading factors in the pages success as it means that the product and message can be digested in an extremely quick fashion without the user having to spend much time searching for the meaning. Read More


The power of social media lies not in just giving you a space to create a new online identity, but rather a place to enhance your already existing real life identity

Apart from the obvious user experiences that make platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter unique (Twitter for micro-blogging, Instagram for images), there is a key difference, not immediately obvious to many that separates Facebook from the others.

Facebook want to mimic and enhance your real life. Read More