At REBORN we overlay our creative thinking with a range of technology and media strategies to find your brand's digital sweet-spot and deliver high-performance results.
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We deliver growth for our clients through ‘Smart Interactions’ with digitally connected consumers. We analyse your sales funnel to find the digital sweet spots and gaps to ensure that every interaction along the customer journey is effective.

These interactions are constantly measured and optimised to deliver better results. Ultimately, we believe to drive scalable and sustainable growth, each interaction should be delivered through a combination of emotive storytelling and intelligent planning. We’ve built our model on nearly 20 years of experience across tourism, beauty, FMGC, Fin-tech, Start-ups and more and look forward to hearing from you about your business challenges.We research the emerging trends and utilise the latest analytical tools to give us insights. This supports our expertise in preparing, designing, and implementing highly targeted and effective social media campaigns.

Our campaigns employ social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube, where you can start building brand awareness, user engagement and generate revenue.

Social media has a huge influence on every aspect of the modern world. From personal relationships to long-term branding, social media brings people together around common ideas and values. Social media is about community, conversation, and shared human experiences.

At REBORN, we provide social media marketing services for businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors. We work with all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube. We offer insights into the social media experience and develop effective campaigns tailored to each platform and business. From text posts and static images to videos and animations, we create valuable content to highlight your products, services, and brand to the world.

The power of social media rests on twin pillars:

  • Market relevance – Social platforms enable authentic and engaging conversations. Social media allows you to get up close and personal with your audience in their native digital territory. Social media is pervasive and always-on, which gives you an unmatched ability to target, engage and motivate your customers.
  • Market reach – The popularity of social platforms is undeniable. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram shape human culture and drive commercial decisions every single day. From promoting specific products and services to long-term brand awareness, social media is a valuable tool for any organisation.

The social marketing process

REBORN offers a wide spectrum of social media marketing services. From the initial consultation to campaign creation and management, our tailored social media marketing solutions leave nothing to chance.


Consultation &

We sit down with you, listen to your needs, and create a social media strategy that works for your business and industry sector. We research emerging trends and utilise the latest analytical tools to ensure good decision-making from the outset. We provide you with your own account manager and work with you to create an authentic and effective social media strategy.


Campaign &
Content creation

We create tailored social media campaigns based on the things that move your market. From writing posts and uploading images to starting conversations and building communities, we prepare, design, and implement highly effective social media campaigns. We create valuable digital content and integrate it effectively with your wider online presence.


Management &

We offer a complete social media management service to ensure message cut-through, market relevance and reputation protection. From tracking results and creating reports to innovative automation techniques, we use the power of technology to link social and sales activity. We can manage your entire social media presence to help promote your objectives and minimise your spending.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs social media marketing?

Social media is a pervasive force across all aspects of modern life. The vast majority of businesses benefit from an effective social media presence. Whether you want to promote specific products and services, build local communities, or create brand awareness, social media offers an unmatched level of market relevance and popularity.

What services does a social media marketing agency offer?

Social media marketing requires a diverse and versatile skill set. Companies need to make valuable posts, upload visual content, start interesting conversations, build communities, and integrate services with surrounding media. Social media marketing involves constant feedback and iteration — agencies need to analyse and refine their results over time to maximise results.

Does social media marketing really work?

Social media marketing has real transformative potential for any business, but you need to make the right moves. When strategic thinking is combined with authentic messaging, opportunities will flourish. When intelligent analysis and reporting tools are used to refine results over time, the sky truly is the limit. We at REBORN offer a complete social media strategy, from consultation to execution and beyond.

Establish a solid social media presence with the right social media marketing services in Australia. Contact REBORN today to learn more.

How does REBORN leverage TikTok in social media marketing?

TikTok isn’t just for dance challenges. It’s a goldmine for connecting with a younger crowd. We get the vibe of the platform and know how to make content that clicks with its users.

Think snappy videos that are fun to watch and easy to share. But it’s not just about making cool videos. We also team up with TikTok influencers who can give your brand a big shoutout. And don’t worry, we keep an eye on how everything’s doing. From views to shares, we track it all to make sure your TikTok game is on point and fits into your bigger social media plan.

What role do Influencers play in REBORN's social media marketing services?

Our team views influencers not just as popular people with a ton of followers. We see them as brand ambassadors with street cred. We’ve got connections with influencers on all the big platforms, from Instagram to TikTok. These are folks who vibe with what your brand is all about.

So, when they give you a shoutout, their followers listen. We don’t just hand them a script, though. We collaborate on content that feels real, not like a sales pitch. And, of course, we keep tabs on how these collabs are doing. Are people engaging? Are they clicking through? That way, we make sure the influencer magic is really working for you.

How does REBORN manage paid social media campaigns?

We make sure your paid social media campaigns are worth every penny. First, we design ads that grab attention. Then we find out where your audience spends their time online, be it Instagram or TikTok. Budgeting wisely is our next step. We aim to maximise your ROI, not just rack up likes and shares. In the end, you get measurable results that actually matter.

How does REBORN ensure Instagram campaigns are effective?

We start by crafting posts, stories, and reels that do more than just look good; they pull people in. It’s not a one-size-fits-all game for us. We blend organic posts with paid ads for a balanced approach.

Real-time analytics help us stay on top of what’s working and what’s not. To kick things up a notch, we collaborate with Instagram influencers who vibe with your brand. The end game? More than just likes and follows, we’re talking about a community that genuinely digs what you’re offering.

What strategies does REBORN employ for audience engagement across platforms?

We’ve got an arsenal of engagement tactics up our sleeves. Instagram polls get people tapping, while TikTok challenges have them dancing in their living rooms. But wait, there’s more. We’re not just posting content and ghosting. We’re in the comments, chatting it up, so everyone feels they’re part of something special.

Our paid ads don’t just sit there, either. They actually get folks engaged. So, we’re not just chasing likes or follows; we’re building a community that’s all in.

How does REBORN measure the ROI of social media marketing campaigns?

We dig deep into the numbers but keep it simple for you. Using pretty smart tools, we track how many people click, sign up, or even buy stuff because of your posts. And it’s not just about the ads you paid for. We also look at how your organic posts are doing. Got an influencer on board? We’ll tell you if their posts make a splash or just a ripple.

Our paid ads don’t just sit there, either. They actually get folks engaged. So, we’re not just chasing likes or follows; we’re building a community that’s all in.

How does REBORN utilise TikTok for brand promotion?

First, we’re not just posting random videos and hoping for the best. We create short clips that TikTok users will love and want to share. But we also know when to jump on viral challenges that can get your brand in front of tons of new eyes.

We keep tabs on how many people are watching, liking, and sharing. Plus, we team up with TikTok influencers who fit your brand like a glove. That way, you’re not just getting views but building a community that digs what you’re all about.

What role do influencers play in REBORN's social media marketing strategy?

Not just any influencer makes the cut. We’re after those who vibe with your brand and speak to your target audience. Instagram, TikTok, you name it—these influencers amplify your message in a way that feels genuine. They’re not just guest stars. They’re part of the main cast, showing up in everything from your daily posts to your paid ads. And yes, we’re watching the numbers.

From new followers to real engagement, we keep tabs to ensure it’s not just chatter but meaningful interaction.

Can REBORN manage multi-platform social media marketing campaigns?

Absolutely! We customise your brand’s message for each platform’s unique vibe, from TikTok’s energy to LinkedIn’s professionalism. Paid ads? We’ve got you covered, optimising your budget to reach a diverse audience across all platforms. And we don’t just set it and forget it because we dive deep into the analytics. That way, you’re not just getting snippets of success; you’re seeing the whole, well-rounded story of your campaign’s impact.

From new followers to real engagement, we keep tabs to ensure it’s not just chatter but meaningful interaction.