We are REBORN, an Award-Winning Creative + Media Agency

We are
boutique giants

At REBORN, we've shifted away from the colossal and cumbersome approach of traditional advertising. We've gathered wisdom from the towering firms, trimmed the excess, and now stand tall as boutique giants in the industry. With our independent identity, we cultivate better relationships, encourage better collaboration, and create better work. We wield big agency expertise without the distractions. For us, excellence isn't an aspiration—it's an expectation.

We are
future thinkers

The creative industry is evolving, and so are we. The REBORN way isn't about 200-page pitch decks or monotonous routines. It's about being nimble, innovative, and forward-thinking. Our teams consist of experienced professionals who believe in building fulfilling and commercially prosperous relationships. We're not just thinking about the future; we're actively crafting it—and yes, we're having a great time doing it.

We are

Independence is our core. It fuels our creativity, our strategy, and our connections. At REBORN, the faces you see in meetings are the minds shaping your brand. Day in, day out, our approach is personal, our passion is relentless, and our integrity is non-negotiable.

We love
what we do

It's not a mistake—it's a declaration. We love what we do so much that it's embedded in our very identity. Our goal is to aim higher than just good enough; we're pursuing greatness. We think about your brand morning, noon, and night, constantly striving to outpace your competitors. Awards and accolades are a testament to our achievements, but at the end of the day, our work and your success say it all.
In May 2024, REBORN celebrated its 16th anniversary, solidifying our status as one of Australia's most enduring independent digital agencies.
'Tis the Season - REBORN - Digital Creative Agency in Sydney

How we can help

At REBORN, our service offering encompass communications, brand design, consulting, experience design, technology strategy and engineering, media planning and buying, as well as relationship design.

Whether you’re in pursuit of a brand reinvention, eager to design and launch a new service, keen to engage with your audience, or striving to foster customer relationships, Reborn is ready to be your trusted partner.

How we work

REBORN, embodying the essence of ’boutique giants,’ stands for sleek excellence and potent innovation in the digital landscape. With agility and transparency, we continuously offer unparalleled value to our clients.

Our independent, no-nonsense approach has attracted collaborations with Australia’s leading businesses like Kraft, Unilever, and Nestle.

Our pride lies in our unique identity as boutique giants, cherishing indie values, and thriving in partnerships with those who seek something beyond the ordinary.

Our People

At Reborn, we reject the typical agency mould. We focus on action, not pretence, delivering tangible results without politics or ego. Our team of friends and professionals are committed to your success, balancing hard work with a close-knit, family-like culture. We value work-life balance with an open policy on flexible hours, remote or hybrid working, days off for birthdays and more.

Through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and coaching, we drive value across our business, embodying the ’boutique giants’ mentality. Our culture is genuine, not manufactured, strengthened by diversity with over 50% second-generation Australians and 65% women.

We’re always on the look out for interesting and interested people to join our team.

If you’re passionate about creativity and making provocative ideas happen, no matter what your job title, hit us up for a chat.

Leadership team

Our people make us who we are at REBORN. No matter how different we all are, we all share similar values and a passion for what we do.

David Easton

CEO & Founding Partner

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Shailei Forrester

Group Account Director

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Steve Hanzic

Creative Director

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Russell Turner

Associate Strategy Director

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Claire Medhurst

Managing Director UK

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Andrew Thomas

Creative Director UK

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Sam Gill

Financial Controller

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Our clients

Unilever Knorr
Life Savers
Unilever Dove
North Stradbroke Island
Unilever Vaseline
Darrell Lea
Unilever Domestos
Rotarians Against Malaria Finish the Fight
ITP Accounting Professionals
MTS Metro Train Sydney