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The streaming radio space is only just starting it’s journey in Australia and there is room for different offerings tailored to different segments of the market to survive, basically because the streaming space is at the beginning of what we believe will be a steep growth curve

Pandora Internet Radio, our wonderful friends down the road share the same passion for music as we do. We’ve heard some great things – especially about how they give people music and comedy that they actually love anytime, anywhere, and through connected devices.

And so, we were indeed quite fortunate to witness a dynamic and energetic presentation by Jane Huxley, Pandora’s Managing Director, ANZ at one of our recent Monday morning sessions.

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Allow yourself and your company the freedom to fail. “Failure sucks but instructs”

On Nov 26, work-and-learn space General Assembly and online news platform Mashable wrangled 25 digital cowboys (and girls) to share their wisdom on technology, design, digital trends and the future of work for Future of Digital: a festival of learning.

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The Prynt Case is the first smartphone cover that instantly prints photos

In an era where sharing photos has become almost an entirely digital enterprise it seems that one crowd-funded project based in San Francisco called is determined to bring back the feeling of having a physical photo in your hand. The Prynt Case is the first smartphone cover that instantly prints photos. The case features a small inkless photo printer that plugs into your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy via a modular system that lets you swap between connectors. No Wifi or Bluetooth is needed to operate the printer – just plug in and go!

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miles oculus

VR headsets will soon allow consumers access to areas where they may previously have been excluded due to the limitations of reality.


Virtual reality, at least in figurative forms, can be traced back to the 1800’s to the panoramic murals painted by masters like Peruzzi and Roubaud. They created circular paintings, which were presented on a cylindrical surface and viewed from the inside. Viewers were given an outlook point with the painting reproducing the original scene in high fidelity. The scene was one of importance and the viewer was immersed in the world captured by these masters.

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Web Dev

An uncomfortable transition is coming but it's one that needs to be met with care and understanding

The unpolished web

The internet is fast becoming the world’s most effective, ubiquitous and well presented communication medium. As the web has grown, so has the expectation for high quality, intuitive interfaces and limited however albeit ‘perfectly catered’ personal pages across social media platforms. It was not so long ago that the opposite was standard.

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As of last week, Australia became the third market to launch Instagram advertising

Goodbye Facebook Like-Gating

• Like-gating is used by brands to boost fan counts and “likes” on their respective FB pages. It involves forcing users to like a page in order to access content, contests, apps or rewards.
• Facebook’s new policy bans Like-gating.
• Pages have until November 5 to comply – after this any existing like gate will be disabled.
• Why? Facebook wants to ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them: “We want people to like Pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives.”

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REBORN. was very proud to be part of this group of leading agencies partnering up with Creative Social and together we recognised that collaborating in a digital landscape was how we would advance the whole industry and enjoy the journey

On Wednesday Oct 29, 2014, we participated in Web Directions & Creative Social’s Sydney-wide Agency Open House and opened our doors to the industry at large.

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a group of students at the University of Washington have designed a bracelet that monitors your alcohol and dehydration levels when you go out, and lets your friend know if you’ve had too much.

Let’s face it, whether you have a liver like Robert Downey Jr. (circa 1990s) or you’re just a plain straight light weight, we all have those nights where we go out and inevitably end up separated from our friends, possibly passed out on a couch, and extremely intoxicated.

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Brands can now expose their identity with these new sped-up clips allowing them to broadcast more content compared to Instagram’s previous 15-second time limited videos

A few days ago, Instagram launched a new app called Hyperlapse which lets anyone film and share short videos in a time-lapse style on their phone. This is great news for many brands as they can now expose their identity with these new sped-up clips allowing them to broadcast more content compared to Instagram’s previous 15-second time limited videos!

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A truly smart app that uses your phone’s technical features to simplify your life

Expensify is an expense reporting app for the iPhone, iPad and Android for the business traveller, the sales person or anyone else that has to deal with the dreaded prospect of expense reporting.

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