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The Challenge

NESCAFÉ, a hugely successful brand in Australia wanted to continue to remain relevant with the younger end of their target market – particularly the 16-24 year olds.

They were looking to launch a youth based program and REBORN was given lead agency duties and tasked with brand and creative development, offline, digital, social, PR and activation.

The Idea

NESCAFE HEADSTART, a program designed to help Australians solve everyday challenges, big or small with a $15,000 grant.

While it’s a easier to launch an idea or start a business these days, it still needs all the right ingredients to bring it to life and make it successful. Our goal was for NESCAFÉ HEADSTART to provide people with the platform to do just that.

We launched the program as a pilot for 2015 with the aim of rolling it out nationally in 2016.

The Execution

The program was launched across a number of channels to deliver scale.

Launch Event

The Campaign Chairman, comedian Nazeem Hussain (The Project, Network Ten) launched the program at UNSW on Tuesday, 28th August.

Inspiration Sessions

There were several key sessions that were run over the course of the six weeks that helped educate and inform students about how to bring an idea to life, while also inspiring them to get involved and share their idea.

Student Spaces

There were NESCAFÉ HEADSTART ‘student spaces’ active throughout the campaign for students to find out more, get free coffee and enter their ideas.

Online Destination

All activity led back to the NESCAFÉ website where students were able to get more information, find key event dates and most importantly, submit their ideas.

Mentoring Sessions

Ten finalists (selected by a Judging Panel and Public Voting) went through to mentoring sessions that helped them refine and prepare their idea for the Big Pitch.

Final Event

Hosted by Nazeem Hussain on Thursday, 10th September at the UNSW Roundhouse, the ten finalists presented their idea for the chance to win the major $15,000 prize.

The Results

Running over a period of seven weeks, we were able to generate significant buzz and activity around the program. A total of 153 ideas and over 8,000 votes were submitted during the campaign period which over-delivered on initial targets set.

We delivered a reach of over 1.3million, votes of 8,042 and 153 entries, which were all above the KPI’s set for the program.

2015 Winner:

REELise Film Festival

The program format will now roll out nationally in 2016 and has been trademarked internationally, with other NESCAFÉ markets looking to rollout the program in the future.


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