Kraft Heinz A Whole Lotta Yum with Kraft Mac & Cheese

Kraft Heinz

A Whole Lotta Yum with Kraft Mac & Cheese

Giving everyone something to smile about, with Kraft Mac & Cheese Wholemeal


For many Australian parents, time constraints (work, parenting, life, you name it) limit their ability to cook healthy, nutritious meals from scratch for their family. When these times strike, parents will regularly turn to quick meal solutions, but often feel a twang of guilt because they can see these solutions as lacking nutritional balance.

Enter Kraft Mac & Cheese Wholemeal, offering double the fibre of regular Kraft Mac & Cheese but still with the same iconic cheesy taste that Australians’ know and love. REBORN’s job was to get the word out there about Kraft Mac & Cheese Wholemeal, highlighting to parents that they can still offer great tasting and quick easy meals, but without the guilt.


Build awareness and trial of the new Kraft Mac & Cheese Wholemeal variant

Communicate that Kraft Mac & Cheese Wholemeal is the Kraft taste you love, now with more fibre

The Challenge

How do we explain to Australian parents that Kraft Mac & Cheese Wholemeal is a meal solution that everyone can feel good about?

Our Idea

Our creative idea was to show consumers that with Kraft Mac & Cheese Wholemeal, everyone has something to smile about: parents can serve up a family favourite without regret, and the family still gets to enjoy a side dish that they love.

To do so, REBORN created a series of executions that zeroed in on the main reason to believe – wholemeal – and bought it to life in a number of playful ways, harnessing the positive, approachable and endearing tone of voice of Kraft Mac & Cheese that consumers know so well.

The socially led campaign ran across Facebook, Instagram and print.

REBORN Responsibility

  • Communications strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Product photoshoot
  • Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Motion
  • Sound design

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