ClassPass - One Pass To Rule Them All


One Pass
To Rule Them All

We helped ClassPass go from having nearly zero brand or concept awareness in Australia and New Zealand, to boasting thousands of new trial users in just 1 month.


ClassPass innovates in the wellbeing and fitness landscape by providing users one pass to access thousands of fitness activities and classes without the traditional lock-in style of current fitness memberships. 

Both the brand and ClassPass’ concept had nearly zero awareness amongst Australia and New Zealand, so it was REBORN’s challenge to reach our active audience and explain how ClassPass was better than the more well-known fitness membership options.

ClassPass - One Pass To Rule Them All


The campaign aimed to increase awareness of ClassPass and inspire our target audiences to try ClassPass by showcasing the range of options available. Another aim was to trigger consideration amongst audiences with fitness options based on their geography and interest targets. The concluding objective was to convert these users by offering trial plans to increase sign-ups and purchases within the ClassPass platform.

Our Approach

REBORN launched a traveller segment to show how active audiences could discover 20,000+ studios around the world with ClassPass. We also used localised targeting to showcase popular classes in fitness centres in close proximity to audiences. We refined our targeting content with search intent-based remarketing, which involved A/B testing different images and copy, as well as discovering the most relevant search terms to certain audience demographics. We also used testimonials sourced from social, influencers and ClassPass reviews and tested how these were received by different audiences and over different media channels. Overall, we tested 86 campaigns with over 2000 ad variations in the first 4 months.

REBORN Responsibility

Communications strategy
Creative direction
Digital Production
Social Media Management
Paid Media Management 

“REBORN are an exceptional team who pride themselves on keeping an eye on the future and the opportunities it holds for continued success, while also ensuring that today’s job to be done is completed exceptionally well. ”

Sam Canavan

Managing Director Asia-Pacific (APAC) ClassPass



New ClassPass trial-ers in 1 month


The campaign’s success prompted the adoption of our media strategy and creative approach across several global markets, including Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and the UK.

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