Coffee Break Adventures

Nescafé, an already trusted brand in coffee, needed people to see their new range as something other than just another cup of joe.

Within a competitive coffee market place, how do we change the way people see Nescafé menu?


Transform the perception of Nescafé’s new range from a conventional coffee option to an extraordinary coffee experience, making Nescafé the brand that turns the average, mundane coffee break into an adventurous and exhilarating moment.


The average coffee break is 15 minutes long; it’s usually uneventful and boring. People want coffee breaks to be as adventurous as the coffee they are drinking.

The idea

Through a mix of puppies, massages, Samba dancing, and an exhilarating drum line we created a Surprise and Delight experience for Nescafé Menu fans that took the drinker from a boring coffee break, to an exhilarating coffee carnival.

Our Approach

This campaign aims to engage consumers by associating Nescafé’s range with unique, memorable breaks, thereby driving interest and encouraging trial among coffee lovers seeking more than just a caffeine fix.

The Results

21 million

Campaign impressions

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