The super antioxidant challenge

Natural health brand Comvita needed to create awareness and drive trial of their olive leaf extract range.

How do we position Comvita as the product of choice for maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul?


Establish Comvita’s olive leaf extract range as the essential choice for consumers aiming to enhance their overall health and wellbeing by building awareness and stimulating trial. This was done by challenging consumers in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA to experience the significant health benefits of the super antioxidant over a four-week period, leveraging engaging content and influential endorsements to convey the product’s effectiveness in supporting a healthy lifestyle.


The Island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea is a globally recognised ‘Blue Zone’, a place where people live longer than the norm. The Sardinian’s secrets include a plant-based diet rich in olive based dishes and a full, vibrant, active lifestyle – a simple way of life we should all take lessons from.

The idea

Through a series of disruptive TV spots, display media, and blogger outreach, ‘The Super Antioxidant Challenge’ prompted Australian, New Zealand and American consumers to take the super antioxidant 4-week challenge.

The Results


Generated leads


Brand Affinity

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