NSW Health

Could it be me?

NSW health aims to prevent new infections and improve the health of people living with Hepatitis B & C.

How do we get people talking about Hepatitis B & C, raise its profile and ensure a suitable level of infamy?


Increase public engagement and awareness around Hepatitis B and C, prompting widespread discussion and consideration of personal risk, to encourage testing and proactive health management.


Hepatitis does not have a place at the table of Australian’s health concerns. The conversations reflected online are dominated by cancer, depression, and diabetes. We needed to create a campaign that would provoke our audience to question whether they might have Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or whether they are at risk of getting it.

The idea

“Could it be me?”

In order to change awareness and reaffirm that Hepatitis B & C can be a serious risk for all walks of life, the campaign provokes people to question whether the viruses could be inflicted on them.

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