Eve Hemp Oil

Eve Hemp Oil

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Eve hemp oil is a natural medicinal remedy that helps mitigate and cure a wide range of mental and physical ailments.


How do we introduce a product to market that the majority of consumers are unfamiliar with, and has a stigma surrounding it?


Launch Eve Hemp Oil as a credible, natural alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals, overcoming stigma and educating the market on its benefits for mental and physical health.


People are tried, frustrated, and sceptical of pharmaceutical medication. They need a natural alternative that will provide them the relief other medicine can’t.

The idea

Eve-olution is about old science becoming new science.

Returning to nature to move forward and stand on the cusp of something groundbreaking.

The website

We created a stunning responsive website that told the EVE story and allowed people to buy the product.

The packaging

Beautiful, professional, and credible looking package design.

The Results

1,602 products

sold in 3 months

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