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Though Heinz is synonymous with the baked beans category in Australia, It needed to reinvigorate relevance in order to fill its recruitment funnel of the brand and drive long-term sales.


The iconic Heinz Beanz brand has long been a staple in Australian households. However, the brand found itself at a crossroads where it needed to rejuvenate its relevance, particularly among lapsed consumers. This wasn’t just about short-term buzz; it was a strategic move aimed at driving sustainable long-term sales. The challenge was not just to remind consumers about the brand but to make it a ‘must-have’ in their daily lives once again.


Our main goal was straightforward yet ambitious: breathe new life into the Heinz Beanz brand. We aimed to achieve this by driving relevance and penetration among several key demographic groups who had moved away from the brand. This was not just an exercise in nostalgia but a tactical effort to place Heinz Beanz back into the shopping baskets and meal plans of Australians, thereby expanding the brand’s user base for the long term.

Our idea

REBORN took this challenge head-on, fully understanding the nuances and needs of the Australian consumer landscape. By strategically positioning the four key pillars of Heinz Beanz—taste, convenience, nutrition, and versatility—as integral to daily life, we developed a campaign that served as an everyday enabler for our target audience.

We distilled this into a compelling message that went beyond mere advertising, actually helping people reconnect with the brand on a practical and emotional level. It was about reminding consumers that Heinz Beanz is not just a can in the pantry but a relevant, enriching part of their daily lives.


On the execution front, we made every dollar count. Our creative team worked with the team at ETB to produce a series of video vignettes that stayed true to Heinz’s brand identity, capturing its essence without straying off course. We accomplished this by maintaining high production values on a lean budget, proving that impactful advertising doesn’t have to break the bank.

The multi-faceted campaign was deployed across an array of channels to maximise impact. This included digital and social media platforms for immediate engagement, point-of-sale (POS) marketing to catch consumers right at the moment of purchase, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising for broader reach and brand awareness.

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